“Do Not Push The Truth Away”
 “What Are You So Afraid Of “
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“When We Can Stop”
"What is A True Friend"
"My Name Is Not Important"
Whitefeather taken 2007
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“Existence Of Ones Reality” 
 " Little Teddy Bear"
“The Emotional Stress We Do To Each Other”
"A Feeling Of Love
"Your In My Heart"
"Want To Share My Life With You"
"Come In To My Heart"
This was taken in 2009
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"I Realize That In My Life" 
 " The Earth is not dysfunctional"
"The Wish That Could Be"  
"I Wonder About You"
"How Can This Be"
“The Man Who Walk Alone”
“In A Land For Away Or Is It”
"Know The Truth Within Our Selves"
" Are we destroyers of our own selves in life"
Designer of Weddings And Fashions of Doll Clothes
“The Feeling of Love and Truth”
"The Poison Games Others Play"