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               "Lives Busy World"

Come to my home and see what my life was about.
You may learn  something that might have a tear that just might fall.
But it just might make you smile, with joy within your heart.
So when you come to my home, there just might be laughter in your heart.
Will you come and see what life will bring within you?
As it just might open the doors to your heart, just like it did mine.
So open your heart and your very soul to see within.
As one tear has fallen within mine as the time came to me.
I learned the heartaches, the sorrows within my very soul.
It was a hard road but I learned and all shall learn in time as it did with mine.
So I opened my heart just to learn what was to be within my very soul.
Just to share it with others as the time passes away, in lives busy world.
Even if that last tear top falls upon my face you just might see in my very soul.
And you will see the love that is within my very soul that I share with all.
So don`t be afraid of life as I have been through it all.
Just caring about others that just might be going through what I have went though in my life.
But you see no matter what we go through we learn even if its the last tear drops that falls.

Written By,
                Sharon Ann Cressy
              Time:7:54 A.M.
   Wednesday   July 18, 2001


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By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
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