Whitefeathers Poems
The Eagle Flys With Grace
As the eagle flys so free one day we shall be free.
To grow in this busy world and beyond.
"This Is A Story Of A One Eagle"

One Eagle is alone there is no place to go!
The Eagle fly's alone everywhere not knowing where to go!
Will this One Eagle fine his mate and fine a home?
One Eagle flies everywhere over the trees and valleys with out a place to go.
Just too feed upon the things that nature has given.
One Eagle Fly's over the mountain and to the rivers that flow.
But there is no place for a home for that has not been found.
Will One Eagle find a home?
Only One Eagle can fine within his very soul!
No other Eagle can fine their place with out there mate.
For when One Eagle fine his mate he will be with his mate for life!
If one Eagle dies weather it be male or female they never fine a mate for life.
Which they never leave one another as it is true love forever.
It is there choice to pick the right mate.
So in the spring just One Eagle might fine his mate that he is searching for.
He flies with grace in the sky in beauty as his wings are stretched out so wide.
With honor and respect to be very proud as he flies with his wings with grace.
Looking for his mate over the seas and streams that flow everywhere.
Over the mountains and valleys, through the trees as high as the eyes can see.
But the question is will One Eagle fine his mate?
A lonely Eagle finding his place in his life and will he fine what he is looking for.
 For no one knows if that One Eagle will fine his mate.
Only nature will know when it is time for that One Eagle to will fine his place.
Only One Eagle knows if he searches in the right place!
Just One Eagle flying with grace in the sky!

Written By,
Sharon Ann Cressy
Time 7:54 P. M.
Thursday May 13, 2004 

"This Is A Story Of A One Eagle"

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