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May Peace And Light, Love Be With You Always !
I want to Dedicate this Webpage to all my friends that I have meet !
Yahoo, Firetalk, And Paltalk, And other Chat rooms.

It is a honor to know all of you!
We have told are storys of life to each other in some way!
And to my Family as I honor them as well and Dedicate this webpage to them.
Also to my new Friends as well.
I thought it would be nice to do this webpage so you would understand me.
I have wrote my writings here so that it may help others.
There is bead work and oil paintings that are here.
And my brother`s jacket that he did all in bead work.
So enjoy my webpage .
As all of you have helped me in some way to grow and learning !
We have laughed, cryed and had lots of fun!
But most of all we have learned from each other.
Some that we have meet have to learn but that`s part of life.
Also I want to welcome the new people that come to these pages.
So I hope all of you have many Blessing in your life as I have.
And most of all I must say if it hadn`t been for Jesse helping me I would not have a webpage.
He told me how to build a webpage.
So I have to Dedicate this page to him.
Because if it wasn`t for him I wouldn`t know how to build a webpage!
Thank you Jesse !
Thank You For Signing my 
"What Great GrandFather Tell Me"
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