Whitefeathers Writings
Picture By Jack York
What Great GrandFather Tell Me

I see how  Great Grandfather  talks to me.
I hear his voice speaking through everything that is alive.
It is what are Great Grandfeather put here from the very begining of time.
I see his hands strike the Earth so many times.
Mother Earth keeps in touch with Great Grandfather as they are one.
I see the water that is here for us all.
The trees to shade us all.
Great Grandfather gives us are food and everything to survive.
We have the trees to grow  in beauty to shade us when we are so weary.
They are so beautiful can man see what they are doing?
They are hurting Mother Earth in so many ways.
Oh my very soul cries for her as the tears fall upon my face.
Her stars guide me all the way when I have a long journeys.
The Sun keeps me warm and the Moon guides my way.
I hear the drums beat but I know it is the very soul of Mother Earth that is crying.
I ask what can I do?
She tells me what is said and I tell others.
As I`m guided what to do.
As I honor Mother Earth and Love her and give her kindness from my heart.
As I Love her with my very soul.
To respect her and what she tells me to say.
Great Grandfather what can I say?
That others will listen to what you tell me to say.
My very soul cries today and every day of my life to know that man has to be this
People do not understand what I`m saying from my heart.

They will listen in time as they will know I`m coming and they will know the truth that is said.
The truth will be told to all man kind as one.
Remember the Peace in your heart and the pure Love thats in your soul.
That is being reviled to you as we are one.
                    Written By,
                                         Sharon Ann Cressy
                                  December 25, 2000
                                  Time: 7:33 P.M.


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