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Whitefeathers Poems

Choose The Life Reality
I have learn about life in many ways.
As I`m aware, and what people do to each other in there life is very sad.
I hear the lying the uncaring in there voices.
The ones that have never learn in life.
And some do not learn at all.
If they had that pure love that was given they would understand.
There is no understanding of each other and not even their selves.
There is no pure Love for the one`s that do evil as they don`t know how to give it.
As It is very hard for them to learn unless there has been a very hard lesson they have learned in life.
And this is very sad as they are missing life it self.
They were never taught how to give that pure love.
We all can see them but nothing can be done.
As they do not want to know about life it self.
We wait and watch and listen and in time others will listen.
There has to be much patience with them.
They do not realize what they do nor think what they say.
It is very hard for them as they don`t see reality as it is.
And maybe they will never learn as it is too late in life and they are set in there ways.
They do ot know what they do to them selves nor others.
I wonder what will wake them up and see what is right.
Can they see what they are doing to others?
They can`t see the pain in them selves nor others when they hurt.
It is taken out on the innocent of life it self.
When will they learn what is right?
Will it be to late for them?
Can they be reached before it`s to late?
Some try very hard to learn what is right.
But they have been through a hard life and know.
And Intel they learn the things in life they will never learn.
This is very sad as they are hurting others.
Also hurting them selves and not knowing it.
It is best to be honest and not the mind games others play.
It is the games people play on each other that are hutful.
When it is time for them to wakeup to reality and see what is right they will never Change as long as there is ignorance`s.
Who will want to learn what is right?
What games will be next to play in there life?

Written By,
                    Sharon Ann Cressy
Time:  6:44 P.M.
Day: Sunday   October 29, 2000
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