Whitefeather Writings
Deer Mountain In Estes Park Colorado
This Elk is right by the back porch of my house.
It is hard to believe that they come this close at just eat from the tree.
This is just after a rain storm that we had in Estes Park Colorado
Our Flage Day
Whitefeather in shop
Columbine Flower it has a few other color`s then this color
The Elk in my Back  yard
Flower`s that grow in are yard
The turtle that someone didn`t want.
It was hurt but the turtle is with my son David being well taken care of.
And it is well now .
This is Brothers House In Denver Colorado
                     And Family
Robert & David My Son`s
Robert & David in back yard
David by pond
Grandma Cressy
David, Grandma Pearl, Whitefeather,    Robert
My Brother`s House
My Mom in The house
A Close up of my Mom
Poems & Pictures
My Brother`s front room
Robert By Pond
My Brother`s pond he made
My Brother`s front room
Isabel, Whitefeather,David,Isaian,Timothy
My Mom Cooling of with a towel to hot in Denver
Robert showing the fall he made for the pond
Family pictures & Friends
Jerry & Whitefeather playing Chess
The Horse Ride In Estes Park
            July 31, 2001
         Time: 3:35 P.M.
Geno looking at Whitefeather to see if I was ok and I was
Geno listening to our guide
Just waiting to leave
The lady telling me about my horse and what he doesn`t like
Geno geting ready to get his horse to go up the trail The hores name is Three Soxes
Geno has a big smile on his face as we our on are way
Sharon Whitefeather and I didn`t fall of once
And here we go up the trail
Whitefeather was still waiting to leave
David And Geno on trail
My Son David on his horse
This is our guide to help us if we needed it
Whitefeather And my Horses name was Sleepy
This is the land we traveled
Whitefeather try to hurry but you know a horse has to do there duty and the horse would not go intel he  was finished ! duty comes frist !!!!!!!!!!!
Well finally Whitefeather is on her way
More land we all went through
More land we all went through
Sleepy has open his mouth maybe he
tried just don`t know !!!!!!!!!
This is the group that went with us
Geno looking back to see if I`m still there and David
Looking back at the town of Estes Park
We had to all stop and wait
Our guide geting on his horse
Geno geting his stake,bread, fryed potatos, bake beans
Resting horses after long ride and we eat
Geno ate and Whitefeather looking at something and eating
Whitefeather,Geno, Karl, David 
David standing at the stagecoach
David and Whitefeather
The old stagecoach
Whitefeather, Geno, David
Front of old stagecoach
In side of old stagecoach
Geno  Sharon David
Whitefeather coming out of the outhouse My Son took this he is going to get it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Whitefeather is telling her son David
That he going to get it and he is laughing
Well its time to go back,  So we all have too stand by our horses 
Back down the trail
Its sad we have to leave but all the horses have to rest and eat
Going back to the ranch but the horse have to go through the water
Well Whitefeather went through
The water with sleepy and the day has ended
Geno and Three Soxes went through the water and so did everyone else text.
My Son David took these pictures of our ride.
And I want to thank him for the pictures and for the ride as he was responable for everything that happen that day.
We had lots of fun and enjoyed our selfs very much.
It was the way that life was many years ago but time goes on and things change.
We have went in the past and seen what it was like and we all enjoy what it was like.
            Thank you Davidd
We had lots of fun and enjoyed every moment !!!! yYour Mom Sharon Whitefeatherour text.
Whitefeather  wearing my hat
Whitefeather The picture was taken :
                    5/12/ 2002
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