Whitefeathers Poems
And Pictures
In The Woods Of  Estes Park, Colorado
In Drake Colorado in Winter time
Estes Park Lake in Colorado
My Sons Back yard in Drake Colorado with a bear 
Chipmunk in front of door
Raccoon  being feed by my Son
Raccoon at night wanting to be feed
The Rocky Mountains At Geno`s Work
These are pictures by bridge that are  water fall
When night falls in Estes Park Colorado
Sunset in Estes Park Colorado
Evening falls to the beauty of night
Mom Elk and her calf
In Town  By Bridge
This is Old Man Mountain
The Baby Elk Calf
Puppets going to park in Estes Park
Puppets Crossing The Street
Puppets Dancing
These Puppets are worked by one man each
This is Geno on his bike 
Some of the things that might be bought in store`s in Estes Park
More things in Shops
Another shop in Estes Park
All these things are done by Native Americans
Done by Native Americans
Another shops in Estes Park Colorado
Things  that some might want to buy
This is Cowboy Bob singing and everyone can sing along  with him
Flowers that grow in town of Estes park
More things in Shops
Beautiful Jewley that are made
Art  work of  Native Americans
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 Pictures Done By: ~David Cressy~
Pictures of Family  Pictures of Estes Park, Colorado
And The horse ride

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