Whitefeathers Poems

Dedicated Too My Brother
In Menory Of My Dearest
Brother Eton M. Norwood
Born July 17, 1939
Died October 13, 1988
12:12 A.M. 
The Rose Of Freedom
(So Is Man Him Self)

The rose in its own beauty, looking down at it, smelling the sweetness of its life.
It grows in beauty just for us all to see.
Forming its own petals in its own way.
Just as we form our own life and live.
What beauty it has, growning and surveying its own light and its beautiful colors.
If we look at the rose and look at our self`s we can become beautiful just as the rose.
The rose shows this to us.
We have seen it in people but very few.
And as the rose grows in its own life, so shall man in his own.
The rose is light and grows free with its beauty.
As God gave it light from its frist form of life.
Just as we are the light of God and we are free.
Growing in our ways of life, learning and growing.
The larger the rose grows in its petals; it becomes a beauty of its own life.
And so does man, woman and child in there own way too.
So when you look at a rose think of the beauty it shows.
Thinking in our selves what light we show others.
The beauty of the rose and how it grows; growing to its fullness sharing its life with us and giving us great peace in our hearts and souls.
The beauty of the rose and how free it grows.
So shall we grow and become light just as the rose.
              Written By,
                                Sharon Ann Cressy
                                November 28, 1988
Pictures Of Estes Park Colorado
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The tender love given to a squirrel that is given.
But the squirrel is wild
The work of just one puppet.
The puppets that he worked with sometimes they were hard too work with. 
As he had so many and strings would break and had too be repared
The organ that is in back was found in a lumberyard
That my brother repaired and varnished
You could hear the organ 6 blocks away when my brother played it    

This puppet is dancing as he puts her through her steps of movement.
The mind of a child's dream to be able too touch!
Max Well, was well known too children all over the Untited States.
Their were places and fairs that Max Well went too just too be with childern and make them happy.
People and children would come from everywhere just too see Max Well walk and see every move he made.
The one beaded jacket that My brother did.
The beaded Jacket My Brother did had a very special meaning. It was done with Love and Careing.
To wear a jacket is a honor too wear.
There is not another jacket like this one in the world!
Below you will see the things that My brother did in his life
Elton M. Norwood  went in too fixing old time music boxes.
From the smallest bird box to large music boxe.
He was known over sea and in the Unitied States.
Helping people to repear their music boxes that were very old. In time there will be some of the bird boxes and music boxes that were repeared and the pictuires of them.
This is a Music Birdbox Which my Brother had repair. He did not repair this Birdbox. But he has repair a lot of them. At the top pictures you will see above 1 and 2 birdbox of the same kind.
The Birdbox is wound up and the bird sing a song and flaps its wings and bick and moves around.
The bird is moving but in this picture it is not seen.
Here you can see the bird in the box. There are real feathers on the bird.
There part are very small too repair as it takes time as many other Musicbox  that have too be repaired
This music box  has many  Cylinders at the bottom . At the top you can see one Cylinder.
A lot of different  kinds of music was played.
By Music Boxes and may tunes were played by them.
Click on the jacket and see how it was done.