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"Sometimes It Hard To Deal With Issues"

Sometimes it hard to deal with the issues of life.
But we must fine the answers to our own quest  in life.
We must have the knowledge to understand  how life can be.
We all have free choice in our life and we chose  our own destiny in life and live it.
Whether it right or wrong we take these roads  in life. 
And not realize what we might do wrong or  right.
Because we do not think before we do things  or speak words we may be sorry after the fact  and that might be to late.
 For the human mind is so delicate of all the  things that is hears and see.
 We must think before we do anything that  might hurt another.
To be honest with our selves and with another!
We all make mistake in our life and hurt our  own personal life.
And we make judgments upon another and  blame others and our selves.
But do we really search our heart and fine the  truth in our selves?
We hate because we are taught that way.
When we fine true love we do not really check it  out to see if this is right or not.
We jump right in to things and not fine the truth  of how another person might be.
And we must know that who ever that person  understand the other!
And I must say a lot of people just jump right in  before thinking.
This goes with anything in life of how we do  not think of what might happen if we do not  check things out before we jump into anything  in life.
Make sure that people know the consequences  of what they do or say to them self’s or to  another.
Our Creator wanted us to love each other as  one but most of all to love him.
But he gave us a choice of free will and that  mean that we can create our own lives and  what we want it to be.
We must have the knowledge to know what is  right in our life.
And be aware of our inter self and learn the  truth about our selves.
To get our life worked out and when this is  done it is loving the self (You).
When things are not going well in our life we  dwell in unhappiness and become in misery. 
But if we just analyze the issue things will work  out.
But there must be faith in ones self and believe  that all is good and things will work out.
Receiving is what you want in life and if you  believe it will be.

Written By,
Sharon Ann Cressy
Tuesday, July 17,2007
Time: 5:45 Am too 7:19 am 
Written On My Brother’s Birthday!

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