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"So How Can We All Share Love In A True  Manner"? 

The thing that I see people doing is they  go in to self-denial. 
And some do not as they face what is and deal with it.
I have seen this many times before. 
And we all should face truth within our selves  and be honest with our self’s.
Ones we deny what it true we are not facing the  truth of our own being or self .
We must be honest with our selves and say the  truth and know the truth within our self’s!
And be honest to others whether they do not  like to hear or they do like what they hear.
If there is true love in our hearts and soul then  we can share the spiritual love and physical  love as well.
But the love that is used today in the wrong  way to get what that person wants from  another.
It is not the true love that is given from the  Creator.
And the love that was given to share with a  woman and man.
It has gone way out of place!
Why because the word I Love You have been  used in the wrong manner.
And it should be used from the heart and mean  what is said and use to get what that person  can get from another by using them in the  wrong way.
If a person really loves someone and it is true  and from the heart and to be honest then it  should be said!
When a person denies there love it maybe lost  forever!
But the mind of each person should be on the  same mined level.
If not the relationship will not work.
It can be that the mined can be a littlie higher as  long as the person understands what is said.
And as long as the commutations are open and  talk about and understood then the  relationship will work.
The anger or yelling, altitudes will not solve the  problems in life!
Only the peace and love will only help within  ones self!
And whether others believe it or not Love is the  answer to all things so how can we share love  that was given in a true manner?

Written By,
Sharon Ann Cressy
Time 5:37 PM. to 6:26 PM
Saturday, August 18,2007

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