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JustRight--Christine Passed away January 6, 2007
          My Dear Friend Christine!
As I write this I see the snow that has fallen to the ground and trees.
And the tears that have fallen on my face I will remember you.
And my heart feels the sorrow of a lost friend.
I light the incense of roses too go into time and space.
As the rose is love and peace!
It is sent too you with love!
Thinking of you, as you were my very best friend!
As I look at your picture I see you in the light of the Creators light.
Home at last where you began, in the light of the Creator hands.
We know that your in another place that we can't touch you.
You will be missed by your friends and loved ones.
We all shared a very special time with you while you were here.
We will miss your laughter and your friendship.
And most of all your love as a friend!
You were so kind and loving with understanding too.
We will miss your voice and the things that you said.
And the love that you shared with us all will never be forgotten.
We chatted in rooms and in private too, with laughter and tears but we had fun to hear you laugh.
This will be missed, but in our hearts and mind we will never forget you.
Our tears will fall but we know that your not in pain.
Also know that are time has not come and that we must learn and teach each other!
And I know that you want us all too go on in our lives and have that smile upon our faces!
And know that you are the greatest person with love in your heart and it was shared with all!
May the Creator keep you safe always!
And with many blessing and the pure love that you dwell in!
As I hear your voice once more in my mind saying I am ok and well!
Many Blessing Too You Christine!!!!!!! My Dear Friend!!!!
And as I close this writing with tears I want too say:
If you truly love someone let him or her know for we have such a short time that we never know when we have to go home!!!!!!!
Be true with love for true love is a very special thing. 
And it is with care and knowledge of understanding ones self to love!
I love you as my friend Christine 
And I will miss you, but I know that your at peace now!
Rest in Peace!!!!!!!!!!

Written By,
Sharon Ann Cressy
Time: 249 P.M.
January 13,2007

The burning light that guides your way!
The beauty be on!
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