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This webpage is dedicated too
           John And Dixie
They were married
Saturday December 9, 2006

          Dixie And John

My Dear John And Dixie,

I wish you the very best of luck in your life.
May you have many blessing in your future.
Be Strong for each other always!
You both are my very best friends and always will be!
As I see you both getting married the tear's fall down my face with joy and happiness 
for you both.
May God bless you both on this day and everyday for the rest of your life!
Now I will do your webpage like I promised you!
You will always be in my heart!
Congratulations Dixie And John

"One Eternal Love Becomes Two"
The heart of true love is very special. 
It is a love that no one can be hurt for the love is true.
For there is no beginning or no end for it is eternal.
As two souls combine in their love for each other.
For their life they are not alone as they are one.
To have honesty with each other that will never fade away.
Having the knowledge too understand each other.
And the love that is within you both too share.
The kindness of caring and giving as one too understand.
To be their for each other and love each other as one.
For the greatest gift is too love within the spiritual as well as the physical.
Loving words of love!
Words of kindness!
Knowledge of understanding!
And understanding of knowledge!
To have respect within as the respect will be given in return!
As are life is so fragile within our hearts that we must take care. 
That we must take great care of each other for we only have one life.
We make our own life and we share it with the one that we love!
Let no one destroy what is so special for love is eternal!
For love it is eternal never ending or beginning always there!
Beauty is of the beholder!
Whatever one looks like on the out side it is what is inside that counts the most!
For the pure love it pure and true love within one self too share!
There are many meanings of love!
But the love that is shared by one eternal love becomes two!

Written By,
                     Sharon Ann Cressy
                     Saturday, January 6,2007
                     Time 6:35 AM

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