Whitefeathers Writings!
" The Mistakes We Make"

How we sneak in the night hiding from are emotions.
Hiding from the truth of are own selves.
We hide from the truth every day of are lives not facing the truth within our selves.
We are in denial of our selves from the truth and just not facing the things that we need too face.
We live are lives in a small shell living in a world that we just do not want too face.
It a Constance grind of going too work and come home and never looking be on life's busy world.
Ignoring what is really going on in the world and not learning anything which life holds for us.
We are so busy that we are in our own little world. 
And not thinking what needs too be taken care of within our selves.
The spiritual self is lost within our own being that we cannot see or realize what is going on around us.
People get bored with them selves and not knowing just what they really want too do.
It's because we are so mixed up with are problems that we do not think what we are doing to are self's or others.
We hided and think it will go away but really it does not go away.
Even if its wrong we do not think before we do things in life and that is how we get in too trouble.
We are told way before we do things and we do not listen.
Yes we all make mistakes in life, but we are also told not too make these mistakes way before the mistake is done.
They are not thinking what the out come will be when they make there mistake.
If we only listen very closely within our self's the true answer will be there if we are willing too listen, but do we listen?
The problem is that people do not listen to their inter self they are too busy causing problems for others.
And that is the part that says do not do this because we will regret it in the end.
People do not think before they speak they just open their mouth before they think of what they are doing and say things that they do not mean.
The anger gets in control and then there out of control not thinking what they will do in the end or say.
The words are spoken in hast and too fast too realize what they are saying.
They hided in their self in denial not wanting too face the cruel things that they say.
We do things in anger when we are mad taking it out on the ones that we love and are friends and animals.
Not realizing that we have hurt are loved ones and friends.
People talk about others but not realizing that we needed too change are attitudes and ego.
And learning too control are temper.
It is a constant battle within our selves everyday.
Hating everything around us in one-way or the other.
Putting the blame on others in anger and hate.
And we can't face that we might be wrong.
And that is because we can't handle the imbursement of being wrong.
There is always someone that cannot be honest with them selves.
And they know that they are in the wrong in side them selves but wont deal with it.

Written By,
                   Sharon Ann Cressy
November 25,2006
Time: 4:35 P.M.

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