Whitefeathers Writings
                    "I Love You But!!"

I love you but you cannot fine me.
You are not looking beyond the light.
I live in a house.
That is under a bridge.
That is behind a wall.
That is in a fort.
Where I am safe from you.
If you love me you'll fine me.
My heart is so alone. 
I can't not look for you, as it is not for me too do.
The ones that do fine me are looking, but there hearts are not true.
For they are the ones that are looking out for them selves and not what is true in their hearts.
They want too use me in which I refuse too be with.
And the lies they say and the coning, just too get what they want and they do not even care about them selves.
I'm not looking for my mate it is not too be.
I must wait in the light of my soul. 
For the one that love me is with my soul.
For the love that must be given too the one that is true of heart and soul.
For the true love and peace is from my Creator and we are one!
And the one that is true in heart and soul will fine me.
For he will be honest and truthful no matter what the cost may be.
And we will be friends forever as the love we share will be true and no one can brake that love!
For it will be from the Creator as he will be guided in the light of God.
As it is in the Creator's hands now and not in mine!
May Peace And Light, Love Be With You Always!

Written By,
                 Sharon Ann Cressy
                    Time 5:06 P.M
              Sunday, October 8, 2006

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