Whitefeathers Writings
"How Sad When People Beat Animals"

Oh how some people beat there animals.
In their anger they hurt the animal physically and spiritually.
People put fear in animals when they are abused.
There is anger that is put in a animal.
There is fear of being beaten in till death.
And animals cannot be touched as they remember the pain of people hurting them by abuse.
If people like this should not have animals if they are going too be abused!
The horror that I have seen no one would want too see.
There is no love for them when people abuse an animal.
There is no water too drink or food.
Chained up with no caring or thought of how that animal feels!
They are beat in till their spirit is down and they feel like there is no hope for them.
Too see in there eyes the sadness that they carry with them for ever unless they can be helped.
The fear of not doing what they should and man beats them so there is fear in the animal or till they are dead.
Seeing callers too tight that it cut their throat too bleed.
Seeing them blinded because the person didn't care.
There is a lot of work taking care of animals.
Making sure that they have there shots and sees a vet when the animal is sick or hurt.
Making sure that there is enough food and water.
They need lots of love that should be given.
And play with animals or just grooming them.
Talking too them so they know whom you are by voice and smell.
Who ever beats their animals just remember that there is a law stating if people are caught beating their animals.
That it is a federal a fence too beat any animals and if people are caught the could go too jail !!!
We all should respect all animals as they were here before we came here!
No matter what kind of animal that people may have, if you do not realize how much work they are nor never had one.
There are book that can tell you about animals and how too take care of them.
There is so much abuse on animals today that it is so sad too sees or hear about.
And what is really sad is too see an animal die because of someone's abuse too a animal!
Animals are a great gift that has been given too share with another or family's.
Animals are very loving and they shared their love with people.
Today some people do not care what they do with their animals. 
And it time people see what others do too their animals.
When will the abuse of animals be stopped?
Its when people get involved and do something about it!
There are programs out there that do help abused animals.
But when will others see other people abusing there animals it should be reported too the proper authorities.
Don't let people abuse their animals in till they die by there owners!
Do something today don't wait till the animal dies of abuse!

Written By,
Sharon Ann Cressy
Time: 1:04 A.M
Friday, September 29, 2006


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