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The Things Cats And Dogs Do That Are Funny
I do not know how I will get down from here after my nap. Guess I will have too scream really load for them too hear me!
I get so tried of these baths that I hate it. I clean my self but my master doesn`t think so.
This is a good place too nap. But if anyone come in here I`m in trouble!
Please do not ask me how I got in this place!
If you played all day like I have you would be out of it too!
I have good teeth, but I also bit too! A nice bite would suite me fine! hehe!
This is my buddy so watch it or I will bit!
I`m laughing right now but one wrong move and you had it!!!
I`m singing and playing the paino. And no one is home!
I do not like you stay away. And thats enought pictures
Stop taking the pictures. Or their will be action taken!
My name is Fey Fey. Hey what did I do this time! I will make it up too you. And lick your face!
I know that I`m laying on his clothes. But I just do not care as I will lay anywhere I want too. So leave me a lone!
I know I`m chewing up that hat, but you don`t have too tell do you? My name is blackie you don`t have too tell anyone !
Who me! I didn`t do anything yet. But just give me a chance and I will with out you knowning it!
Hey I want some peting if you do not mind!
I can`t stand this no more. Just give me what I want right now!
Quite complaining no one sees us yet. So shut up and quite wineing. The whole house will know we are under the tree!
                   "Cats And Dogs Are Funny"

Cats and dogs are so funny and some time you learn from them.
If you have a cat or dog you will know what I mean.
In fact you know just what they are thinking if you watch there moods.
Now we have Blackie he is so funny as he doesn't like us too trim his hair around his paws.
He is so ticklish on his paws and we have too cut the hair that grows in between his paws.
If we don't the snow get in the paws and causes problems.
Now Mama Cat is something else she will block the way so Blackie can't go passed her.
And if he goes by her she will paw at him just too let him know that she is around.
But she will go right next too Blackie and rub up next too him.
But the min that Mama Cat gets in her moods she can be very picky on who goes by her.
Now Softy is a very funny cat.
I do not care what time it is or when you want too lay down Softy is right there meowing.
And if you do not scratch her around the neck she will meow at you in till you do!
And if that doesn't work then she comes up in your face with her whiskers and put her whiskers in your face just too see if your awake.
She will nuzzle you on your hand then she will lick you on your hands or on the your arm.
She will come up too you wanting you too pet her but as soon as you try too that`s she runs away and want you too chase her.
And her and Blackie get along as well.
I remember when Blackie was a puppy and my youngest  son brought him home.
The cats had their tails all puff up and they hiss at him. 
And when the cats corner him he just sat there and wined in till we got him.
But now Blackie barks at the cats just too let them know that he has had enough of them.
When I brought Curlier Whiskers home from the pet shop you never see a hair less rat crawl all over Blackie and clean his hair.
Blackie and Curlier Whiskers are best friends now.
When Fey Fey came in the picture it was funny as she seem too taker over the house.
When she saw Curlier Whiskers she treated him like it was her baby and would not let Blackie get near Curlier Whiskers. 
She would growl at Blackie when he came near the rat.
And when the cats would come around Fey Fey she would bark at the cats as if too say (I have taken over now and you cats are in the way.)
So the cats leave the room and go some where in the house.
And when Fey Fey saw her first elk she would bark at the elk and shake all over.
Now Softy like the humming birds she will talk too the birds when they come too drink the sweet water.
And Softy has never been out side so she has never ate a bird as she doesn't know what they are.
But Mama Cat knows very well what birds are but Mama Cat was out side and the people that had her didn't care about her.
So she came too us after her owner had left and the owner didn't want her.
See Mama Cat was going too be a mother and she had too have a place for her and her babies.
So we took her in with out knowing That she had two babies and that was Softy and Muskers.
Musker passed away now but he was some cat.
He liked too play with the paper off of things.
See Muskers would untie a paper when you tied it up so it would stay together.
So one day my youngest son throw the paper in his pillbox. And Musker took his paw in too the pillbox too get the paper too play with and left the pill bottle. 
But he lifted up the pill bottle too get the paper too play with.
The cats liked the fish tank, as they would watch the fish for hours and thats there TV.
They do not like Curlier Whiskers in fact they would just run away from him.
Now if Blackie is in a very good mood he will sing for you and say I Love You!.
And Fey Fey will just go along and sing too.
And they get treats for singing!
When Fey Fey and Blackie have too go out side.
Fey Fey will scratch your back just too let you know that she wants out side or she will bark at you.
Blackie is another story because he will come up too you and nudges you too go out side.
They all have their way of telling you something that they want.
Now cats do not like anything on their paws nor on them.
As they will get it off them no matter what as they cannot stand any thing on them.
Its like this: I want too be clean so do not put anything on me!
I do not care what it is that they might get on them they just can't stand anything on them.
One day the cats had got in the syrup one just lay down and licked it off his feet.
But the other one just walk down the hall with the back feet up in the air and was walking on the front feet down the hall.
There isn't a day that goes by and we laugh at the things that they do!
I hope that all of you have some laughs out of this because it is true and funny.
As cats and dogs do the funniest things that we would not think they would do!

Written by,
                 Sharon Ann Cressy
                 Time 12:52 AM
             Friday August 25,2006


Don`t even try it, as I`m watching you very careful!
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