Whitefeathers Writings
"The Art Of Players"

The players that are men and woman.
They seek out the ones who is most easy.
So they can play there games and these are hurting games!
They pick out the ones that have been hurt in life.
Its the kind of people that have been hurt and that are  reasentful ones.
And the more reasentful the better.
The line they give is they are in love with you.
Or say they are in love.
But the real question is,is it real love?
Can a person really say they love someone when they first meet?
In some cases this is true.
But most cases it is not true at all.
It is a game that others use too get what they want from the another person.
They do not seem too care what happens too others and their feelings.
But what if it was put on that person that is the player.
They wouldn`t like it because they would get hurt.
But a lot of them have been hurt in the same way and they are going out and getting even for what has happen too them.
They go in denile of there own self and not wanting too face the fact that they have been hurt them seleves.
If there is a wife in the picture she is not told about it or the husband.
They cheat on each other or it just one in the relationship.
The lies start and they keep it as a serecet but they do not realize that it will be found out in the end.
They do not talk about there problems with each other.
And if they have children that even worse.
Because the child will do the same thing if its not tought right.
Or the child realizes that they are not going too grow up like the parent or parents 
The marrige that went wrong!
How can there be a marrige if the both are not honest with each other from the start!
And the cheating that goes on because they are not sadisfide with there mate!
And they do not want too work on the problems they have!
And that does not work because they are bound too be found out in time!
There is a lot that is envoled when familys get hurt by another person that come in between familys and cheats.
Or they can not comuntate with each other with out yelling at each other.
And this never solives the problems!
Because when the person starts yelling at someone they only hear their own voice and not what the other person is saying.
The other thing about yelling is that the person or persons get very up set by this yelling.
This causes stress and many other thing that happen too the body and it deals with health of the body.
When a relationships starts there should be the truth on both sides and should stay that way if they want too be together or if marrige is envoled.
There are players on the net and everywhere in the world.
People that con others too do what they want others too do.
They will say anything too get what they want.
And they say what you want too hear!
They play their act very well!
And the problem is that a lot of people 

Written By,
Sharon Ann Cressy
August 24, 2006
Time 8:00 PM
                               This happens too men as well as woman.
                               And how the pain hurts so badly
                               But not all men and woman do this!

                                   "Can't Stop Thinking Of You"

I think about you but your never around!
I call but your busy on line never too be seen.
You never answer me or reply back too me! 
But I still think about you.
You say your not like others but you play your fullest too win me over.
There are many women that you talk too but not I!
I'm like a pelage that you do not want too see!
There is always a excuse of why your not on line.
The tracks are getting longer as time goes by!
The stories are getting bigger as time goes by.
And the doubt is getting longer.
The truth is coming out but you do not realize that.
Because your after something that you can not fined!
And if you found it what would you do?
The love that you were looking for is right in front of you and you can`t see that!
The love was just a pass time too play the field.
And the love that is there is fading away as the time.
How the lies that are coved with more lies!
The hurt is there but needless too say it doesn't go away!
The memories are still there and they never go away!
But I still think about you and how the games that are played by you!
It best too ignore the ones that you told that you loved them and wanted too marry!
And pass them away like they did excise and never in your thoughts.
Just deep in your mind that is not brought forth!
As you push it away in the back of your mind!
Hiding away from everything that you don't want too deal with.
Saying that you love someone isn't what you even mean.
I was the fool and let a player like you play me for a fool!
You led me too think that you loved me!
And most of all wanted too marry me, but I was the fool too believe!
Oh how you play the field of love so well that you passed me by in the dead of the night!
Not caring of what you did and how you treated love like it was a piece of trash!
Saying words that were never meant too say!
It was said too please the person that you wanted too use!
And how the words (I Love you) hurt so bad that you can never forget in side your very soul!
You played me well and others as well!
How can you not have guilt with in your sleeve, as there is no feeling of love, just denial within your sleeve!
Of the hurt and pain that you had too deal with in the passed by someone else! 
But how can you deal with it when you cause so much pain within your sleeve that you think you can hide the hurt in side your sleeve!
Yes others hurt you but why take this hurt that you hide away too hurt another's!
They have feeling within as well as you, where are your feelings, did they hided away too?
You have lost because you have to pay for what you did too another that has hurt them deeply!
There is no understand within your sleeve.
Nor the knowledge of understanding!
Dealing with others emotions and this hurts others.
It is be deceitful and cruel, it like getting even in a way that you have too hurt another just too make you feel better inside your self.
The hurt come first then lose then anger, and getting even.
And the memories never go away!
There is no love because you do not love your sleeve you can only hurt others by the hurt and pain that your going through.
And dishing it out that pain too others that you want too hurt weather you realize it or not!
You take the trust and self-steam away from me!
The lies that you told will be left in your mind forever!
And there is no love too shares with you for you have destroy it!
Because you destroy it by leading me on that you want too marry me.
And many know this of what you have become in your life is a player too woman!
And woman are players too when they hurt men.

Written By,
Sharon Ann Cressy
August 4, 2006
Time: 6:26 P.M.


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