Whitefeathers Writings
Dedicated too walkenwolf Who passed away 
At 4:00 am April 8, 2006 of heart failure!!
He as a very beautiful Man and was very loving person too friends!!!
Please Pass this website to others that know him as he was much loved!
Thank You!
Dedicated too: walkenwolf

My Dear Friend walkenwolf,
You are on Sacred Ground now. 
And the song that is called "Sacred Ground" it is Dedicated too you as you were my friend !!!
And you passed away and I didn't know in till today April 8,2006.
You had signed my website and you though my website was great.
It was a honor too give you my website!
You were of true words and honesty as you spoke too me.
You are in beauty with the Creator now.
Your at peace now and may Creator be with you and keep you safe always.
I will always think of you as my friend and love you as my brother!
There was love in your heart too share with others with knowledge and understanding.
I will miss you, not seeing you on line!
It is very sad that I could not talk too you before you left Mother Earth !!!
But the Creator wanted you home!!!
You are a great person that I will always remember !!!!
And you will not be forgotten ever because I know that this webpage will be here for you.
My heart goes out too your family and friends as I know they are hurting as I am now.
But I know the Creator is with you now and that you are at peace!!!
It was a honor too know you!!!

Written By,
Sharon Ann Cressy
Time: 8:28 P.M.
 April 8,2006

This flame of fire will burn for you walkenwolf  will always burn for you!!!!
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