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To many people that stab you in the back and do not even care!
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The Back Stabber’s of Life

I try to do what is right in this world.
I see so many make mistakes and people are not sorry for what they do.
They stab you in the back and use you Intel there is nothing left.
And your heart bleeds in side from the hurt and pain someone else has put you through.
And it hurts so bad that your not sure of how you feel.
They cut you down and do not even care how it hurt you in side.
As you hear what they say that hurts you and they think your not hearing what they say behind your back.
It’s like a knife stabbing you and it never seems to go away.
And they twist the knife just little deeper and the more it goes in the more the hurt is.
Not caring how badly they hurt you in side.
Its like someone is really cutting inside of you.
You ask to be taken some place or call (Its a bother) but not caring for another just the self of that person and not even that.
And being in the cold snow and having to walk or a motor chair and your so cold and no one even care.
People are so stuck up and have their nose up in the air and think they are better than you are.

Written by,
Sharon Ann Cressy
September 5 2012
Time 8:14 P.M.