Whitefeathers Writings
This is the back woods of Estes Park, Colorado where anything can happen and does! Or does it? No one will ever know unless your in the back woods.
These Are the things that littlewhitepolarbear (Robert) Like too do! This webpage is dedicated too:                  Robert my Son!
   He has made these things by hand
And the things that he has done!
It is a homor too do this Webpage For you!
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Original Midi Compositions By,
Bruce De Doer
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I Love You Robert
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It is a Great Honor too do this webpage for you!
You are the best Son too do this webpage for you.
I honor you as my son.
And I love you very much!!
You have been there for me all the way!
And thats what makes you so special too me.
The Back Stabber’s of Life