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What are People thinking of when they hurt another!
People think that they are in love or they just use another.
Its for there own satisfaction or is it?
Its either they do not get what they need at home from  there husbands or wife's.
Or they are single and have been hurt so they think that  they have a right too hurt and lie to another.
Has anyone thought how they hurt another by their lies?
And they say it wont come back too me, but how wrong  they are.
How can people live this way and not have a regret for  what they have done. 
By using another with the words that they say!
Can they say that they care and that they love another  when its all lies they tell?
Or is it sexual things that they want too do to another and  hurt them by their lies.
Who want too see it or hear it when others lies?
How long will this go on in till others that will lie and hurt others?
Do people think that its funny when they lie and hurt, is it  a joke too them?
Do they laugh when it's over after they hurt others? No it  is not!
Because the one they hurt and lie to hurts others. 
And they have too deal with it and not the other person  that they have hurt with their deception and lies.
If they are caught they say they are sorry but sorry is not  good enough.
Because the hurt and lies and pain that they have caused  are still with that person that they have hurt.
Do they care? no they do not care who or what they do?
They do not even care about them selves.
If they did care they would not hurt and lie too others.
When will people realize what they are doing to others  when they hurt and lie.
People just do not think nor do they care what they say.
They say it will not come back too me but it will in time.
They just do not realize that they will hurt and be lied too  sometime in there life.
Life is so short and there are people in this world that do  not care.
Its too short too play games with another and hurt them.
How long will you let this go on?
It is a game that others think they can get by with all  there lies?
People had better think before they keep doing this  because it is not fun too hurt and be lied too.
It is time for people too wake up and realizes what they  are doing!
If others will lie and hurt how can we all live in peace?
It is imposable because others lie and hurt just too please  their ego!
This goes for men and woman as they all do this in one  way or another.
It is not just woman that get hurt, it is men as well.
How can people be so mean and cruel too others, how  can they ever stand them selves or live with them selves.
Are they so selfless that they don't see what they are  doing?
Or is it just too getting even with another for what they  have done?
People have no consciences of what they do or care!
How sad that they have too live this way.
Not only does this go on the net but in homes all over the  world!
Do not let others do this for they are in there own little  world and could care less about other's!
Stand up for your rights as a human being and not let  people hurt and lie too you!
Do not let others belittle you for who you are and what you  are?
People love too hurt others in a way that they might not  get over it,and kill them selves by what another does to  them.
Their egos get in the way and they just do not care.
And when it's too late the person or persons will never get  over the hurt that another has put upon another.
People have killed them selves over a person who has put  deception and lies over others.
Just because they love that person so deep and the other  says I do not care any more. 
Or that they have found  another too do the same thing over again!
It is time that it has too stop and think of what is said and  the actions of another anger or deception of others and  their lies and hurt!
People are put in the hospital for what they do to another  but others do not realize that nor care!
Who will be the first too start thinking of what they do?  Who???

Written By,

         Sharon Ann Cressy
         Time 6:07 PM
         February 2, 2006

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