Whitefeathers Writings
                     "Diamonds Sparkle With Love"

Diamonds sparkle with all colors of the rainbows.
And they shine so bright just like the snow.
The sun shines through the snow showing all the colors of  the rainbow.
Just like a Diamond that sparkles with all colors.
It is the true beauty of the Creators love as it is true.
And Diamonds show their colors of beauty.
Diamonds are give with love but how true is Love?
For man uses love like it was water running in a pool!
It has been used foolishly as the words are said. 
For if love was given truly as the Diamond.
As it is made with love, just as the rainbow is the Creators  love.
Love would not be used in such a foolish manor. 
As Diamonds are the Creators Love that is given.
Diamonds are true they are the colors of love.
Diamonds are used for many things.
But the most beauty of a Diamond is the parts of are  Creators love.
For the colors we see is of beauty that the Diamond show.
They are shined up too see the beauty of colors.
Put in jewelry and are give too loved ones
Or a person who might like too wear it buys them.
Every part of Diamonds is used for something.
But the beauty that it shows is the love of it own.
If a Diamond is given it must be true love!
For the Creator made it with love.
And it should be give with true love.
As it is the Creators love and is give too a lady with love!
And others who love to wear Diamonds.
Diamonds are the Creators love!
And is given with Love.

Written by:
Sharon Ann Cressy
Time 12:03 A.M.
February 26,2006

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Dedicated too:
 Rev Richard Jones 
My Dear ThreeFeathers,
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