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                     "We Are Not Alone"

When you feel down and you feel that there is nothing left.
When your heart seem too fall down too the ground.
And you think there is nothing left
And you feel like your life has gone
Just remember that your not alone
There is always something left
When you heart feels that you have lost
And you feel down and that you can't get around.
When the night feels so lonely
When you are sad and you think know one cares
When you are tried know that your not alone.
And when you think that know one cares just remember 
There is always someone that really cares.
When the days are rainy and you feel blue
Remember that the flowers and tree need water just like us.
When its cold and it snows just remember that's how things grow.
It's just another way that Mother Earth shows her beauty.
When its fall and the leaves turn their color
Your just being told that its time for the beauty of Mother Earth too rest 
As you see that things are alive and your really not alone
And remember that we will see the beauty in the spring.
Your not alone for the beauty that you see is inside you.
For we think that just because we have too gone through hardships we are alone
For are Creator never leaves us alone.
When you think there is nothing too live for just remember this is always another.
And they are going through the same thing as you
Thinking the same way that there is no hope
There is always someone that is a lot worse than you
When your heart aces and you feel that there no place too go
When you think you have lost everything that you own your not alone
And when you think that you want too die many others think the same way
There is always someone that hurts just like you
But there is always light that comes through saying that there is hope
If are faith is gone and we feel there is nothing left
Are Creator carries us through no matter what it maybe
And there are times that we feel there is no one around
But just know that we are not alone.

Written By,
                  Sharon Ann Cressy
                                    October 5, 2005
                           8:15 to 10:18 AM


" My Dear Jesus "

My dear Jesus your always with me where ever I go.
Your so beautiful in every way that you do things.
Time is nothing too you as you know what is true.
You know what is in my heart and listen too every word that I think and say before I do.
Your Love is always there when I need you Jesus.
You know what's in my heart and soul.
As your with me everyday of my life!
I will always remember that you are in my heart and I am not alone
When I need you your right there waiting for me too carrier me over my pain of life!
And as I give you my pain Jesus, you have taken it away with Love because you are Love!
And I know that I Love you with all my heart and I know that you Love me.
And you took my hurt to make my life easier Jesus.
You give me life within my very soul and every breath I take.
You gave me Love from your heart, as you loved me from the very start of my life.
As you were there when I was born to see that I was safe.
Your so beautiful Jesus when I saw you in my vision.
As I were down on my knees praying to ask you too forgive me for all my sins.
And as I looked up you where there in my vision.
You helped me up from the floor and held me in your arms.
And if I hurt someone please forgive me that too.
For I know that I am not alone for you are right by my side.
Sometimes I feel alone but I know your right there holding me in your arms.
And there is always light that comes through saying that there is hope as you never fail me.

Written By,
            Sharon Ann Cressy
                  7:21 AM 
      Friday October 7, 2005


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