Whitefeathers Writings
"Remember The Old Days"

Do you remember the old days when friend helped a friend?
Oh how the time has passed away.
There were times that a friend would come and give a  helping hand.
Or just too come by and say hello.
Oh how the years have changed.
People stopped when the car had broke down.
Or had a picnic and enjoy the fresh air on a hillside where  flowers grow.
We had parks where the beauty of flowers grows.
Water fountains flowing with the sound of water falling.
Oh how time goes on and things change right before your  eyes.
Even the old cars that were used and were made stronger.
Where you could go out in the fields and see as far as the  eyes could see.
To see the rivers clean with out the trash that was left  behind.
What made people not care?
Has there life got too busy too remember the old day when  people cared.
When was the words ( I Love You ) meant something?
It's not enough as they say I'm in Love with you!
Today it is used in a careless way!
It means nothing, as it is not meant in a true way!
Oh how life has its changing ways!
And how people talk about another in a disrespectful way!
Oh they say it wont hurt but you know it does!
Time passes and there are no good things too say!
It either money or not enough too share.
Or it`s taking from another in a curl way even when it hurts.
The true heart has been lost and not in the right place!
And what happened to the truth where did that go?
What happened too faith did that go too?
Did true love fade away as well?
Oh how things change in life never ending just the pain and  hurt that goes on.
The lies that cover up one after another too get their way!
What a curl way life has become to get even or hurt  someone for fun.
Do you remember the old days when there was so much  love?
There was caring for another and sharing what they had.
Even when it was there last meal they shared and it was  given from the heart.
Oh how life has changed and we wonder how thing become  the way they do!
But if we remember the old day when there was true love in  are hearts and peace!
Just too help our fellow man with true faith and a kind words.
To be truthful and have an honest heart!
Time goes on and no one seem too see how they treat  another.
Its like how can they get their way of what they want even if  it hurts.
Its what people do and say and how their words hurt.
For there meanings are not true in there heart.
Its just using another for what they can take!
How time goes so fast and people forget the old times.
I remember the old days when there was a helping hand!
Where did that go?
People assume things and not think that it might not be  true.
Where was the true love that another had?
Has true love lost its way by using it as being disrespectful?
There is really no meaning to the words of I Love You!
As it is used in a way that (I love you) has lost its meaning  of truth.

Written By,
                 Sharon Ann Cressy
              October 2, 2005
              Time: 4:26 A. M.

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