Whitefeathers Writings
                            "The Hurtful Ones"

As the water falls in too a garden pound;
A mystical garden where there beautiful flowers all around.
Where all birds fly in this special garden where no man has ever seen.
It is very quite there only one can go there.
For it is one that can go there, for its one man or woman or child's thoughts
And only one can enter to deal with ones self.
To know what one does too there self or too another.
What is done too another if it is hurtful in any way it comes back.
It is from that who hurt another and they will be hurt in the same way as they hurt another.
It comes and goes like firer blazing out of control.
Hurting this one and that one in a matter of carelessness.
Not thinking what has been done or its thought of by guilt and not facing that guilt.
To lead another down a path of hurtfulness of pain.
When this is done they changes to who they hurt forever.
Their consensus holds their guilt of what they have done!
For they know what they have done in their hearts and souls and is never forgotten.
As there is a book of memories that is never forgotten as it is in the mines of everyone it is called consensus and memories.
Can one forget what one does too another?
Can they live with them self or does the guilt get too them?
Is it too late too say I'm sorry?
In some case it is and others it may not.
There must be truth in ones hearts too honestly say there sorry.
But remember what another does to another they will never trust that one that hurt them.
Unless there is a very good reason why they should.
And sometime it's too late and the damage is done and never is repaired!
So if others like too hurt another!
Make sure that the word that is spoken is the truth!

Written By,
Sharon Ann Cressy
Time 2:52 PM
Friday, June 10,2005


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