Whitefeathers Writings
              "Listening Too Mother Earth" 

Listening too Mother Earth as she sings her song of life
As I listen too the sea going in too shore and out too sea.
Listening too the sound of the wavers come and going.
So softly as the wind blows upon my face.
Being calm within my self and listing too the sound that is so  soft.
It like a place that is so quite and not a person around.
But you hear the sounds of life as the sea and it has many  wonders of life.
Each thing has it place in life and must go on.
It must live too its fullness no matter what it may be.
The sea is moving as it is alive and it carries life below.
It is the beauty of life in which it holds.
And as I look into the water I see life and how it grows.
To see fish swim in there own beauty.
And the peace that they show swimming in there own light.
The waves are so peaceful that it has a loving peace that is  carried within.
For the beauty is unbelievable when it show its beauty of life.
Just so quite and peaceful that I just listen too the sounds that  the sea makes.
It like I'm in a peaceful place where no one can enter.
No one is around and there is peace within ones self.
There is not a care in the world as the sea takes me away too a  place that is unknown.
Where there is peace and love and harmony that is given too  one person.
And if I listen to the waves singing there song of love and  creation of life.
The waves have there way of talking too me and being at peace  within me.
I see the trees blowing in the wind as their leaves blow too and  fro.
How life can be so complicated, but here it is calmness and  peaceful.
It's where Mother Earth loves as she speaks with peace from  her heart.
And as the sunset has its colors of reds, pinks and gold's oh  what beauty it holds.
As the sun goes down and the first star that shines so bright.
The cover of darkness falls into a velvet star light that cover the  sky.
How the moon shines so bright showing the light on a beautiful  starlight night.
When the dawn come there is beauty that comes too life in the  mornings light.
As there are colors of reds and gold's on the mountains and  cliffs below and shine brightly as the sun comes and goes in the  shadows.
And as the clouds cover the sky and it begin to storm 
The rain falls to the ground and let the flowers grow with beauty  of shades of gold's 
And every color of the flowers is like the rainbows of colors.
That comes and goes and shows its beautiful colors that are of  gold as the sun shines below.
As the spring come into beauty after the rain has fallen it helps  things grow.
The beauty of the rainbow shows all the colors of flower that are  in bloom for all the colors are like rainbows every where I go. 
As the drops of rainfall from the flowers each petals forms a drop  that has fallen to the ground with Mother Earths blessings.
Giving life too the flowers so they can grow in beautiful like  rainbows of color as they grow.
The sea is clear and I can see the fish and all living things that  are below.
A rainbow appears with all the colors of the universe.
To show the love and peace that comes within that rainbow of  colors.
And the rainbow is every color of every flower that grows.
And the green that are bushes and trees and the smallest plant  are in their splendor of glory as the rain is blessing each thing  that is in beauty.
And as the rain bless Mother Earth from the sky up above and  gives beauty to her loving plants.
As the day goes by and looking in to the sea below the sun  shines into the depth of the waters below.
And the sea comes and goes as it is alive and I hear the sound  that is peaceful within my mined and soul.
It keeps my soul and body clam and my spirit is free and I listen  too the beauty of Mother Earth singing her song of love  everywhere I go.
Seeing life in a sea pond and the fish swim so clam as there is  not a care as they come and go.
Why can't others see that beauty below as clear as a crystal  that is so clear it shows it beauty by its colors of the rainbow.

Written By,
Time: 11:36 A.M.
Wednesday: June 15, 2005
Sharon Ann Cressy


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