Whitefeathers Writings
"The Cares Of Ones Self"

Were you kind too you're self today?
Did you look in the mirror and say to your self I love you for who you are and what you are?
Are you pleased with the things that you do in life?
Were you eating too fill your own need today or did you think of a person in need?
Or did you help one person smile today?
Were you there to understand what a person goes through every day?
Are you happy with your life as it is or did you want too do more in your life.
Or did you make the right choice of things that you wanted too do?
Or did it come out wrong and not the way you wanted it too.
Are you asking your self did I do the right for another?
Did you save a life that need to be saving today?
Were things that you got were they what you wanted?
Or did greed get in the way?
Were you down and out and just couldn't face the day?
Did you do the right things in helping another and make their day special for one moment of your time today.
Was their a smile on your face just too smile at another and say hello?
Was there Love within your self that just faded away?
And you didn't know were it was as you lost it some time ago?
Can you face life and go on and forget the passed and just when on your way.
Were you there when someone asked you for help that day or did you just run away not facing what you might of done that day?
Can you say that you love your self today by doing things that you wanted to do?
Or did you let someone run your life and things came out in a mess that day.
Did you see that man that need help the other day but you just walked away and didn't care?
Or could you just go over there and just help that man that was old and couldn't make his away.
Did you see that smile on his face when you might have been there?
Or did you talk to a lady that came your way and just say good day with a smile that day.
Did you smile and made her day with kindness.
It would of made her day as someone just cared and showed her the way.
That small child was crying did you see what she has too say?
Or did you get mad and just walked away.
Who could say as no one cared enough too say I care everyday in a very special way.
Have we forgot and got carried away that day?
And just thought of our own selves in need?
Have we let greed get in the way?
Or did that love that was given is gone and there is no feeling within the sleeve.
Have we all forgotten the old ways in life and let hate and greed get in the way?
Have we forgotten how too love are selves in order too help another?
And know that when we help our selves we become a better person.
Then we are ready too help another though there life if they are willing and there is trust.

Written By,
Sharon Ann Cressy
Time 8:15P M. too 10:22 P.M
Thursday, April 7, 2005


"Only One Can"
Only one can be true too there own self and feelings.
And one person can only be honest with their true feels.
When a person cannot say their true feelings they are hiding within them selves.
And if they never open up their feelings of how they feel they are hurting them selves!
Because they are afraid of what might happen to them.
And they might regret that they didn't get a chance to say their true feelings.
This is what fear does to a person and they just hide away from the truth of their own self.
The fear is taught by bring up a baby in to childhood to be afraid of the adult.
And when the child become adult the fear passes down to the next generation and keeps going and never stops.
But then here come the self denial of ones self
This may go with anything that a person may do.
Some children are abused in many ways and when they become adults they either thinks its ok to abuse another.
It becomes so bad that a person doesn't know what to do.
And the self-denial is so bad that they cannot face the truth in them selves.
No woman or man should ever hurt anyone.
And yes woman beat men up as well as men beating up woman.
And they learn this by what they see in there parents.
Adults have too remember that this is not love!!
Their has too be love on both side and understand.
And the knowledge that they have learned to use it in the right manor.
Yelling is a lot that goes around.
How can another hear what the other is saying if both are yelling at each other.
If there is any understanding there must be where each other will sit down and talk it out.
Things would be a lot better and there would be understanding of each other.
There is too much jealousy why because they have been hurt and there is no trust.
It is the attuned of how we all are brought up in life.
And yes there are a lot of others that do not do these things to hurt another.
It is up too all to work on their life for the good for are creator does not like what is going on.
Some do not believe that there is a creator that made Mother Earth.
But then ask why we are here????
We are all here too help one another and too teach are young the good things.
It's the hate and evil that a person becomes and doesn't care whom they hurt.
And this is taught to are children somewhere in the would today!
When will others wake up and realize what they are doing????
It seem that others just like too get even and it doesn't matter who they may be.
One must ask them selves why am I this way and can I improve my self too be a better person in life.
Or stay the same way and not change?

Written By,
Sharon Ann Cressy
May 6, 2005
Time: 3:03 A.M

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                                   Two People That Cared

Two people that care and are afraid to show that they care about each other.
Afraid of being hurt for so many times in their life.
The pain is so deep that they wonder if there is a chance in their life to be together as one and be happy.
They look in to each other's eyes not saying how they feel but not a word is said only there eyes say the words that they are trying too say.
The love that they shared is only in thought, as it is not spoken.
Each one is so quite that there eyes and minds are within one as thought.
They ponder as they look in to each other's eye and know what they feel in their hearts and souls.
Something in side of them they know that there love is right, but then there is that fear in side wondering if this can be true and they way that they feel.
Two people caring so much that it hurts to say how they feel in side there hearts.
Is the pain that they feel so fearful that they can see the true love that with in them?
What if that fear is nothing and that this love that they share is so real that they can not believe what they feel inside of them is real.
Is it fate that they meet or was it meet too be that is the answer that they must understand with them selves.
And know what they feel is true and that there is nothing too fear.
Has the hurt in there life been too much for them that they can't start a new life together?
For the hurt that they have been through life has its way too make someone happy in their life.
When the light of love is turn out there is nothing as it is just empty space and they are so cold in side from the pain that they can't open up in there hearts and start a new beginning.
This is what happens to others when they are so hurt by another.
Fear takes over and the love that is their maybe lost forever because of what another has done too hurt another.
The trust is gone, and the love fades away in the heart and soul.
To hurt anyone in a matter that a person has been hurt is wrong.
To take and not give back is wrong and there should be sharing with each other.
People that hurt one another in a matter of taking things it does not matter what it may be as it could be anything.
Talking about one another in ways that hurt and the person is hurt forever!!!!! Does that person know what they did to another with the hurtful word that they say?
As they fine out from another the truth and this could be anything.
To say that a person is going to do something and they not do it because they heard something about another that they didn't like.
And they change their mind about that person because of what one person said.
When a person is not asked from another whether it is true or not then they should not make a judgment in till they know the truth.
People are too busy trying too run everyone else's life that do not realize that they should look in there life and see what they are doing and work there own life out.
And let another work his or hers life out.
If they ask for help it is by their own to do so, but it is not too be told to another what has been said behind another's back.
People think that they have a right too push another too do what they want is not right.
Then others wonder why people are they way they are.
They are too busy minding another peoples business instead of their own.
And this is what happens when two people meet and the fears that they feel are the hurts that others do.
How people hurt each other and don't even care.
Then people are asked what happened and the answers are there.
The question is whether these two people can go on in life and not be afraid?
How can they when other have there noise in everything that, that person dose.
When can they have peace and mind when there is someone out there trying too interfere in someone's life and causing problems?
The question is whether these two people will let their fears go and go on or they will let fear take over?
Being afraid is a horrible thing to deal with and people make it that way by the way they say things too another and do things too hurt.

Written By.
Sharon Ann Cressy
 March 11, 2005
Time: 300 A.M. 
To Sunday 
March 13,2005
Time 2:02 P.M.