Whitefeather`s Writings
                              "There Is A Mountain"

There is a mountain that so free that you can see mile of forests that have never been touch.
Too see all the life that is free.
Its like a dream that you could fly so free in too a land.
But its only a dream that is too see.
The path is so free and only one can see.
There is beauty in this land that is at peace.
It is a place that is at peace!
There are rivers that flow in many places with no ending or being.
It is so clear that you can see the bottom of life within.
The Big Elk come too stay where it is safe and free too roam.
The trees stand so tall as you walk through a forest that is free.
The wolf goes as he pleases; as he is free to go any place.
All the animals' roam the land where no man can go!
As people destroy the land and build where ever they may.
Tearing down Mother Earth and thinks that it is their land and that it is right.
Which people are mistaken for Mother Earth is free and many have forgotten that the land was a gift?
Too take care of and treat Mother Earth with kindness and respect.
But you see greed has gotten in the way and people take what they want.
The air that we all breathe is with chemicals and the ground and oceans and rivers.
One day Mother Earth will rebel against people and what they have done.
Mother Earth will rise up and destroy masse of land many will die.
For Mother Earth will change and very few will be ready when the time comes.
Some will listen and hear the cries of Mother Earth.
But others will not listen to Mother Earth and her cries for help.
They will go on taking in till nothing is left.
Mother Earth is angry for what has been done and there is a price to pay.
But who will pay the price for what has been done?
Others might think that this is not true but look at the things that have been done.
And many things can't be changed because the damage has been done and cannot be changed.
Will others ignore Mother Earth?


Written By Sharon Ann Cressy
Time: 3:56 AM
Thursday, April 28, 2005

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