"Oh Mother Dear "

                 This is Dedicated to:
My Mom
In Memory too:
Pearl A. Norwood

Leaving Two Grandsons and Daughter
Born September 20, 1916 to July 24,2004
Time 4:45 A. M.

Oh Mother Dear you have gone to a higher place.
You left in the early morning light.
We cried but we knew that you had to go as the Creator called you home.
And we knew that it was your time to go.
It was in the early morning light that you left Mother Earth and the Creator took you home this morning.
We said are good byes too you when you left.
We were here for you as you asked us too.
As we never left you alone as we were by your side to the very end.
We kept are word too you as we loved you so much and understood you.
Even when you were so weak we were there just when you needed us.
We care for you when you were in need, as you cared for us when we were in need.
You told us that you loved us with all your  heart and soul always.
There is no pain now and you can go on to that place that the Creator has planed for you.
Your home once again with your love ones that missed you for so long.
But we know that you will miss us too.
And just too say that we love you with all are hearts and soul.
As you will not be forgotten as you are in are hearts.
You were there when we were born and we were there when you took your last breath.
Oh Mother Dear thank you for being there for me.
And thank you for being there for my children.
You have helped them in there life and in mine.
You even helped the one's that were in need.
It was your heart that you gave too other's as you were so very kind even the roads that you traveled.
There will never be a Mother or GrandMother like you!
And no one can take your place!
Your life was hard but you were still kind hearted.
There are two grandchildren that still love you with all their heart and soul.
And as for me as your daughter I love you with all my heart and soul always!
You have helped so many in your life and some didn`t even pay you back.
But you still went on in your life and did many beautiful things.
Oh Mother Dear we love you so much!
There is no pain that you feel there is no hurt as you're free.
So rise in the light, as you are at home just where you wanted to belong.
We Bless you on your journey ahead and may you go in peace with our love!
May Peace And Light, Love Be With You Always Mother Dear!

Written by,

                   Sharon Ann Cressy

Time: 12:28 A. M.
August 11, 2004

Whitefeathers Writings
May you be at Peace!
May the light always shine for you!
You will never walk alone!!
And you will never be lone!!
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