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This Webpage Is Dedicated To !!
The Undertaker Of Wrestling !
        * Mark Callaway *
It is an honor too watch you perform as a professional Athlete Champion.
You have work very hard in your life to get where you are today.
I may never meet you nor get a call from you!
But then I never know?
But you are a Great Fan of mine.
When I first saw you perform it was Great Honor as it brought memories when I was a child.
It was on a Dark night on Halloween when all the goblins come out in the night.
To get tricks or treats and you could see all the children walking the streets.
And you see bats flying around the houses at night.
It was spooky on a Dark Night On Halloween Night
Seeing you walk down that the ramp with that hat that you wore with the purple band around your hat.
And the long black coat that you wore with the long hair that shined in the light.
For Halloween was the time too have fun in my days.
So I'm dedicate this webpage too you in your honor!
I'm not sure where the pictures came from they were given too me a very long time ago by someone.

Written by,
                     Sharon Ann Cressy
Time: 8:45 P. M.
Wednesday: June 16, 2004

         "Beware Of The Undertaker"
            This is dedicated to Undertaker
                      (Mark Callaway)

Every dark and Deere night he comes in the misty night gathering his souls.
The fire and the flames come with him as the smoke arise above him.
As he come closer you can see his long black coat with his black hat and purple band on his hat.
You see his long red hair in the misty night as it glows in the light.
He goes by many names and none are the same.
Beware of The Undertaker as he is coming for his victims one by one as time goes on.
His eyes hypnotize you as you look in to his eyes.
He is looking in the depth of your very soul seeing the fear that is so near.
Can't you see him walking through the night and seeing his glowing eyes as light.
He will change you with his hands to make you weaken your soul.
Enemies have fear of him running away from him.
But theirs no place to hide, no place to go as he will find you were ever you go.
Can't you see him in the misty darkness walking down that long isle?
Don't play with The Undertaker as he sees all in the depth of your mind.
know that he is aware of everyone everywhere.
You can't be saved from his power as it grows.
When you meet The Undertaker you meet your destiny and fate that falls upon you, which you can't not accept.
His mausoleum is light up with candles seeing the shadows on the walls.
The Undertaker say's to his creatures I want what is mine.
I've seen him their looking through his pages in his black book.
Sometimes he is there in the shadows watching and waiting.
Have you seen him their in with his secrets telling them his most inter secrets.
I have been their looking everywhere in the darkness wondering if he is there.
He walks down to his pallor sitting in his chair checking his black book with care.
Who will be next in his black book of souls?
He looks at his enemies straight in the eyes waiting for the final moment of surprise.
The toll bell rings and he is ready to make his move.
Who will make the first strike to start the final blow?
Now he has the enemies soul he goes to his graveyard and dig a hole making sure that things are ready to go.
He says I have my book of souls and I have my belt when the bell tolls.
I have MY creatures waiting and looking everywhere just waiting to strike when the time is right to get my next soul.
You will see me in the night when the fog is their just waiting in the
Waiting for you in the misty dark were you go.
My creatures are waiting as I'm there ready to grab you so, I can get your soul.
I well not REST IN PEACE in till your soul, is mine.
As I'm The Undertaker ready and waiting just for you getting back what is mine.
My hourglass will tell me when its time when the bell tolls.

Written By,
Sharon Ann Cressy

August 26, 1999

"I'm Just One Man" 

I'm only one man doing my job.
People cut you down and don't give a dam.
You receive e-mail from your fans.
They treat you like shit and could care less, man.
They only take what they can.
Maybe some care but very few can.
They want to know what I do and my whole life history.
It is my business not anyone else or my fans.
If I wanted anyone to know I would of told them so.
I want to keep my private life to my self.
As a lot of people don't give a dam how they hurt as a person.
I have my pride you know as a man.
People's mouth is quite something else.
You wouldn't think that it can be that way, man.
I have MY NAME and I would like to be respected as a man.
Many don't like me but that is the way I am.
So now I don't give a dam what you say, as I am a man.
I care for my closes friends.
Sometime we disagree on some things we say.
But sometime it's straightened out and then again its not.
So I'm only one man and I want to be treated like a man.
As I'm grown up and I know what is right and knowing what is wrong.
My private life is my life and I take responsibility for my actions.
I don't need anyone to know what I do.
Unless I decide what I want them to know you see.
So let me live my life and they can live theirs.
I got tried of everyone trying to butt in to my business.
So this is the way I feel and you deal with it.
I'm a stranger to all of you and you don't know me.
So why judge me as a man as I'm proud as a man. 

Written By Sharon Ann Cressy
October 14, 1999

Mark Callaway  
(The UnderTaker)
The UnderTaker
Sharon Ann Cressy
Sharon Ann Cressy
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