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                 "My Blood Brothers And Sisters"

My blood Brothers why did you turn me away?
Why did you let my heart hurt and bleed with pain?
I was blamed for nothing and you turn away!
No one listen, no one cared.
Did I have a chance too say what I wanted too say?
The questions just came one after another.
There was no love in the hearts as it was gone.
My Blood Brothers my love was true.
I was honest to you the truth was told but you didn't listen to me.
A Moon has went by and my soul feels the pain of judgments upon me.
My tears have fallen upon my face.
My Blood Sisters why did you turn me away?
Why did you let my heart bleed with pain?
I was blamed for things that was wrong why didn't you stand up for me?
When others judge me for nothing.
Who will stand up and tell the real truth?
And who will be truthful and honest?
But then who will cover up a lie?
For the pain that I have in my heart bleeds.
I have Brothers and Sisters but they are far away from me now!
Where was the trust when it was time too hear me?
The lies that have been told and the talk behind my back!
Is there forgiveness for the wrong that was made upon me?
I hear the drums playing once again.
For the spirits know as they play the drums of truth.
And the truth shall be given!
But will I be around when it is time to come that is the question?
Will I run? No as I face what maybe.
I will stand my ground and face all.
And I will be proud of who I am and what I am!
Does anyone know who I am?
There is only one that can judge me and that is my Creator.
No one has the right to judge me or anyone else!
Who gave the right to judge?
Do others have the right to think they can?
Do we take orders from another or do we listen to are Creator?
No one has the right too order others around.
Nor too tell them what they can do or not do.
No one is the Creator as there is only one Creator that brought us on Mother Earth.
And when its time for another too be judged it will be the Creator that make that judge upon everyone!
Everyone might think that there is a lot of time left on Mother Earth.
But the time is getting shorter and things will change in life.
For others if they do not learn what is right and true in their minds and heart, souls?
They will not be ready for the new begging of the new life that is too come.
When it is time for Mother Earth too changes others will change in the physical from.
The body of the human race will change.
This will happen in a blink of an eye.
No one will be able too run away as there is no place too run.
Will anyone have the pure Love and pure Peace within their minds and hearts?
If we don't what will happen?
If we can't accept the truth from within our own beings will all run?
If we all love from are hearts and souls and mind we all will be ready when the time comes.
But if there is evil in are hearts and souls and mind all will parish from Mother Earth.
Because all will not be ready when the time Mother Earth will change.
Are others ready for this change? No!!
Too many lies, cheating, hurting others.
Is that what we are all are doing in life?
In till there is Love in are hearts and peace within us all things will NEVER EVER CHANGE!!!!!!
And life as we know it now will change!!!!
Others many think they can stop the change that will happen but they can't.
As things are changing right before are eyes and hardly anyone will see it.
Unless they open there hearts and souls and mind with Peace and Love!

Written By,
                  Sharon Ann Cressy

                   Time: 1:00 A.M.
                   January 30,2004


                        "I Heard In The Wind"

Many read my writings on my website.
And understand what I'm writing about.
What I write does not mean it's about one  person.
And some don't like what I write about.
It is because many can't face what is being said.
And this may be so.
But one must think in their hearts and souls.
Why does it bother them?
That is the answer that must be answered by  each individual.
I'm writing what I feel that comes from my heart  and soul.
And what I write bothers many.
If it does then they have too search it out within  them selves.
And ask why, Not I !!
If others think I judge them, I'm not.
As I have not mention any names to cut anyone  down by name.
The only names that are mention in my website  are people that I have knew and know.
And the ones that I knew that have passed over  to the Creator.
It`s how others are and if they have a guilt  problem then they must fine out why!
Some are in the self-denials and won't deal with  there problems.
As the truth they can't face.
So if others have a problem of what I write it is  their problem not mine!
Others need to fine out why it bothers them.
Does it hit something inside that one person that  it bothers so much?
Is it eating them away inside that one can't face?
It's a wake up call?
These are the things that one must ask (him or  her) self.
I mean no disrespect to anyone.
And I'm not judging anyone this is how others  are in life today.
It's how they act in life and how they treat others.
But if others have a problem with that, then it's  there problem!! Deal With It !! And fine out why  there is a problem!!

Written By,
                     Sharon Ann Cressy

             Time: 2:15 P. M. to 2:37 P. M.
                   June 10, 2004


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 "My Blood Brothers And Sisters"
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