"Think Learn The Truth Within Our Selves!"

As I set here alone think of how people are and how they speak to another.
With words of unkindness and word of caring and Love and understanding.
I hear the arguing that go on and their fears of life.
Oh how I know so well of what they go through.
As it brings back the memories of what I been through in my life.
Others ask me why do I write the way I do.
I write the things that a person may go through in life and what is true.
For we all go through things in our life and we need answers.
And just maybe there might be a answer here to understand what we might go through.
As it triggers something in side of them and they realize what they are going through in there life.
And others can't see what the truth is nor care.
And they understand what is said, but only if they want too understand and only then they will learn.
It may be the hard way, it is what that person want too deal with the problems of their life or run away!
I hear so many things that others say and they hide away within them selves not wanting to face the truth!
We all must face are fears and face the truth within our hearts and souls!
As it will never go away unless we work it out within our selves!
For are Creator knows of the wrong that we all do.
And also knows the good things that have been done.
For in are hearts we know the truth but are afraid to face things.
We learn by are mistakes that we do to another's!
And how we learn is not always by choice sometimes as its what we are taught in life.
A lot of time we don't realize it what we do wrong and have to learn the right way.
It is the ones that do not care what they do to another!
They hurt the ones they love and they hurt other in which way there is no return for them.
As they have changed and not the same person that they once was before.
They lie or talk about another in the wrong way and don't even know the truth.
One tells another and another and by the whole thing is twisted around then truth comes out.
But the hurt has been already done and one must think how that person feels within them selves.
There is fighting that is not right do they care? No!
Its like if they don't get there way they do something to another to get even.
Do they know what they are really doing to them selves?
Do they realize the hurt and pain that they put upon another?
People talk be hide others and they do not think of what they are doing nor if it's true.
Others might think that I'm wrong of what I say.
Why because they are so afraid to face the truth in there own life.
They can't seem too understand that the truth is within them selves and that they have too face the truth!
Can they? Or is it too hard too face the truth of their own life!
Or will they run away as it is in their minds of what that person does.
It is called conscious of our minds, souls and hearts.
Understanding is knowledge, caring is love.
Truth is being honest with ones selves.
Respect our selves to respect another.
Loving our selves and then we can love another.
If we all love each other as Brothers And Sisters like the Creator wanted it to be things would not be the way they are now.
In stead of fighting lying hate in are life's we should all think of what the future will be and work out are problems within our selves.
And not looking in to others and what they do as they have too learn too.
Each and everyone has the own being too work at and learn how to be at Peace and have Love in our hearts.
But we have others trying to put there nose in to others business.
We all have too work on our self's and what we do and to make things right within our selves.
We can be guided but it is up to another too make that choice in there own life.
 There are many keys in life to open new doors in our life but we make that choice.
Others may not have a choice in there life!
And I have too say that this goes on every day in life whether we may want it or not.
It is up to all too change are ways of thinking 
And not dreaming up things about another person because there is nothing else to do and cause trouble!!!
Who will listen? Who will think before saying, who will learn by their mistakes?
 Who will have respect for another? And who will have Love And Peace within them?
Who will care of there own life? And who will take reasonability for there own mistakes?
The question is who will want too learn the truth within ones self?
The answers are their just look within our minds and hearts and souls for we shall know!
Who will truly listen to the truth?

 Written By,
Sharon Ann Cressy
Time: 9:45 P.M. to 11:45 P.M.
October, Tuesday 28, 2003


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