Whitefeathers Writtings
"The Thought Is Always There" 

What you see above is Peace And Love that with in me.
I understand life in many ways.
Others do know me and some do not.
But I know the truth of life and many things.
Which many may not believe or hear the truth.
Others listen to others and not come to listen for the truth  from another.
As judgments are made with out hearing the truth.
I listen too what is said and I may say a word.
Others make judgments on another's with out hear the truth.  And the words spoken are not given as not all want too hear  the truth.
And with out hearing another side of the truth.
This is not Peace nor Love within ones heart.
Some others hurt to get even with another.
And the words that are spoken are not the truth.
Some just get hurt and that never goes away in thought.
As the thought is always there as the pain heals.
And in time the pain heals and some not.
And the healing in the soul will heal, and the body will heal in  time.
I make no judgments to another unless I know the truth.
But then I see what is wrong and know the truth of what is  said.
If I fall then my whole life would fall, but I will fight to very end  of my life.
And that the Creator knows the truth about me and know what  is true.
No matter what pain that I have to deal with I will learn who is  my true friend.
I will not lie for I know that my Creator will know the truth in  me and many others.
We all hurt with pain of some sort in life and we take it out on  others and some do not.
What we all do to another whether we do good or evil.
We have too realize that it will come back to the one that has  done right or wrong.
We all have too come to realization that we have too have  Peace and Love within our hearts and soul.
As are Creator knows the truth on all who come to Mother  Earth and  the ones that leave Mother Earth.
As it is there time to leave Mother Earth and know the truth of  what others have done.
And what they have done in there life.
There are reasons why things are done to another and we all  have to learn what is right in are hearts and souls.
It is the way we all learn about life and what we all should  know is right in are hearts.
As the soul is Love and Peace as the truth, we are part of the  Creator and the truth will be known.
There is no place too hide from the truth from the heart and  mind.
We may think that we are hiding from ourselves but the truth  will be known.
As are Creator knows the truth that another have done.
There has be understand with another's and the very truth.
It all come from within are selves and know the truth of what  is spoken.
To be dishonesty will come back in many folds of all and the  truth will be known.
If we all told the truth there would be Peace And Love within  ones self.
Look in to are hearts and know what is true, as the Creator  will help all only if we all ask.
And we all change others in one way or another.
As we meet them in many ways and we learn by what others  do to another.
Others teach us whether it is right or wrong.
That is why we all have too watch what we said and mean or  we may hurt another.
And a lot of us do not listen for the truth we all deny what is in  are hearts that is the truth.
We learn hate or dislike another for what others may think  that we all have done.
And there is not Love in the minds of Of others who are out to get 
even and hate.
We all learn what is right no matter what has been done.
It can be hard or it may be easy, but it is what roads that we  all make in life.
We all learn by are mistakes even if it's the hard way as we  all chose are roads that we travel in are life.
It may be good or bad of what others may do but it comes  back what we do to another.
There is Peace in the woods even Love and many places that one may  travel in life.
But we all make that road that we all must take in life.
We may have Peace and Love but we all must learn what is  right within are hearts.
We all have too have understanding before we all do unkind  things to others.
Some think before making a move of what they are going to do.
Others do not realize nor care what they do.
It is the truth that must be told and be wise to know the truth.
Understand what another is going through and know that we  all do change others. 
By the hurt and pain of what others do to another will change  them for the rest of there life.
We Must Think Before We All Change Another's Life By What  We Do And Say!!!!!!!
It There Peace And Truth Among Us?
Is There Love And Kindness To Another?
There are answers if we all just look in are hearts, it may be  not be what we all want too hear but the truth must be told.
Not facing the truth is not facing ones life.
Running will not change any things as it will be in the minds  of  all.
As are minds never forget what others may have done!
May We All Fine The truth Of Life Before Its Too Late!!
Be honest in are hearts too know the truth.
Have the understanding and knowledge what we all might do  too another in there life and change it forever.
See the beauty in one self be thankful of what we all have in  life.
As we make judgments of another and not know the real truth  of ones life.
As we all do not ask another for the truth of what they have said.
As we all change another with out knowing the truth.
How it will affect another in there life?
Think before we all might affect another ones life by the  words or things that we all say or do!!!

Written By,
Sharon Ann Cressy
Time: 9:01 P.M.
July 24, 2003

"The Dream That Came True But Didn`t Last"

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