"Your Heart and Its beauty of the soul"
                               This is dedicated to:
                                     ( Kanita )

I see the Love that's in your heart and the caring that you give.
You many not say much and how you feel but that's the way you are.
And as I look within you I see the beauty that within you.
Your smile is so special that your very soul glows.
You have made me laugh when I was sad. 
You carry joy in your heart.
I see that sparkle in your eyes when you smile.
To me you are a very good friend to me.
I honor you as my friend and respect you as I respect my self.
Friend are very hard to fine.
But there was a reason that are Creator wanted us to meet.
The light that shines upon you is so bright.
The first time that I saw your picture I know that you were very special as my friend.
Thank you for being my friend as we will  always friends.
May the Creator guide you on your path of life.
I see the hardships that you have been through.
And I truly understand how things have been.
And as I know you must go on this journey.
May The Great White Father keep you save as your journey began.
May The Creator guide your way?
The Eagle guides your way.
Where the high countryside guides you on your path.
I know many will be thinking of you in their hearts and souls.
And I`m just one that will be think of you.
In the high Alaska mountains as that is your home.
There you will fine peace in your heart and soul.
I wish you well in the beauty of a land that is so beautiful.
It where you want to be, and that wish that is in your heart you wanted it to be.
A wish that came true as you had asked in your heart and soul.
Where the snow falls so beautiful as the Creator wanted it to be.
To be with your native people and family once again as it should be.
I can see the beauty in those high mountains and the trees taller than me.
The beauty of the land and how the Creator made that beauty for all to see.
So be safe my friend and let that light that is upon you smile.
As when you smile it shows the beauty in you.
It shows the good and the caring that`s witin you.
And it comes from your heart with love.
So smile my friend, as your smile is so beautiful with the light of the Creator.
Laugh with all your heart as it make the spirit grow in beauty.
And I know that you are a very proud person that is beautiful within you..
And I saw your face and looked within your soul and saw the beauty within you.
You see it shows that glow when you smile in that beauty that the Creator gave you.
May You Have Peace And Light, Love With You Always!
And May Blessing To You Always!

Written By:
                   Sharon Ann Cressy

                    Time: 7:20 P.M.
                       May 20, 2003

Whitefeathers Writings
The Touch Of Friendship
                "The Endless"

A endless love is so beautiful.
There is no ending nor beginning as its always there.
To let it flow so free as the river flows so free.
It's just like the flowers and trees that grow with love.
It grows with love as it taken care of.
To hold love so tight and not letting flow free it will fade away.
It will be crush like a rosebud to never opening.
But too let that love flow free is a very beautiful thing to share with another.
It's like a rose that take time to grow in full bloom.
But to cut it is a very sad thing to do.
We must let that love flow free even with another.
If we hold that love so tight we cut that love and it can't 
flow free.
Sometime we have to let that love go free and it will come back to us once again.
As love is the cycle and everything that we share should be love.
Love is never ending nor is it beginning as it is a circle of life.
As everything has it reasons for being here.
And once one thing get out of place in life the chain is broken and must be mended as it once was.
There are many types of love that can be beautiful.
But it is the matter of how it is used.
So many use love in the wrong way that it is not right.
So we have to respect love, as it is very special.
It can be broken by how love is used and how it is said.
So many disrespect love and its meaning.
They say the words but it does not mean any thing to them.
And it is used in a manner of disrespect to others that it becomes hurtful.
That is not right but I see this in many not caring what they say.
They just used it to get what they want in life.
And that is very wrong.
We must be careful how we use the word love!

Written By,
                   Sharon Ann Cressy
                   Time: 6:33 P.M.
                      May 11, 2003


The Forgotten one`s

This oil painting was done by:
Sharon Ann Cressy
In Prayer
"The Thought Is Always There"
" The Mistaken Ones"
"Desiderata" By:  ~Max Ehrmann~
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