This is dedicated to:

                               Travis  Willis 

                                ( White Owl )

                    "See The Mornings Light"

 What is your heart and what is in your very soul?
Can you explain from your heart how you feel?
I want too know and maybe you can tell me so.
Do you see the mornings light that is so bright.
What in your heart that you can give?
As it is very free and very special as its friendship.
But that is very special too.
Can you see two souls?
That have been in many life times share what they know.
They meet unexpectly some where in time.
And you never know when this will take place it just happens.
And we will never know what life has too offer if we never search are souls.
We can make are life's so happy just by giving love and peace around the world.
But there are many souls that are all around us and we may never know.
And I want to know you as my friends are very special you see.
And you come and go just like the rain and snow.
With a heart of gold to share that is so bright I'm told.
When there are smiles that are given from the heart that shine so bright.
And I see that sparkle that in your heart that is so very bright.
And your whole being is so bright with love that come from your very soul.
I see the peace in your eyes that are so bright as they shine.
So what is in your heart and your soul that makes you so bright.
Because its so bright that its glows with the light of love.
It flows so beautifully and its so free you see.
In the beginning of time we knew who we were as we have meet in many life times.
Just coming and going through time and space.
Not knowing that we have meet in some place in the passed of time.
I see the light of your smile that's so bright as you glow with love in your heart. 
Not a word is said as I see that its all within you.
Its that beauty that is so bright with the love of light.
So what in your soul and in your heart I just want to know.
As I see the light in your very soul and it so precious you know.
And you just come and go free as the wind that blows.

Written By,
                    Sharon Ann Cressy

                        Time: 9:30 to 11:01
                           April 30, 2003

                               "Hello Its Morning" 

Hello, its morning and the sun rises through the windows light.
Can you hear the birds sing their tunes of happiness?
Do you have a window open?
Well If you can smell the pine tree`s that blows in your window?
Can you smell the flowers that opened in spring?
And there are so many colors too see.
They open for us all just to smell their sweetness in the air.
If by chance  you go in too the woods see the beauty that is there.
I have heard the river talk too me many times.
And as I listen to the river and how it sounds as it so beautiful to hear.
Just on a path of beauty just  nature and me.
And see the peace and love that are Creator gave us.
To see the mornings light upon are faces that shine so bright.
To go through a day with loving care for others.
And when the night is about to fall just look in the sky.
And see the beauty that falls in the beauty of the sky.
And this is the cycle of life that is never ending nor beginning.
We have spring to see the early flowers.
And the trees with there leave come out to say Hello in there own way.
All the beauty is coming alive as everything is waking up to everyone surprise.
Spring is a very special time when beauty that showing with love.
And its part of the essences of life.
So if by chance you have your window open see the beauty of life.
Hello, how are you this morning?
Was your night a peaceful sleep?
And did you look out your window to see all the beauty that are Creator has given us.
When summer comes all the beauty of Mother Earth will show all her splendor.
As sometime the rain must fall to water the ground.
Just so all the flower will bloom once again.
And the trees that cover us when we need shade.
As all living things are with honor with the Creator's love.
All we have too do is look at the beauty that was put here.
When fall comes the flowers are in seed just to spread their beauty for the next coming.
And the trees that kept us with shade are saying its time to say I will see you later as its my time too rest.
And my leaves are falling too the ground with care.
Just to help the seeds from the snow as it is a blanket of wear.
And by the time winter has come the trees are asleep in their splendor of rest.
All nature's things are at rest waiting for a new beginning as time passes on.
A never ending cycle of the essences of life.
Coming and going all through time and never ending always beginning.
I say did you open your window today just too see the beauty of life.
Did you feel that peace when you seen that beauty?
And was there love in your heart today just to see the flowers grow.
Did you see the trees that are taller than you?
There is beauty in everything just look within you and you will fine the beauty in you.

Written By:
                      Sharon Ann Cressy
                 Time: 2:45 A.M. to 3:54 A.M.
                                                May 10, 2003


This Page is dedicated to:
            Travis Willis
                          ( White Owl )
Picture By, Jack York
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This is dedicated to:
( Kanita )
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