Whitefeathers Writings
                    "The Light Of Love"

There is a journey that must be taken.
Their are shadows that are coming and will we be ready for that change?
Do you want to take a journey to a place that gives the light of love in your hearts?
If you really want to you can take that journey with me.
The love of peace that's within us from the beginning of time.
To have that light of love is to have peace within us all.
For this was lost for many life times 
And lost in the minds of the hearts of man.
And the peace was gone that came with the love of light.
The love of life is peace within one being and shared with that light of love.
For knowledge was lost for not understand everything of life it self.
It was lost by man and the true ways were lost.
Now the light of love is coming within us.
And the peace that is with us is returning with love.
This was a gift that was given that we have forgotten.
We all have forgotten that light that is Love that within us.
We lost the understanding of life and how to give respect to our selves and are fellow man.
If we have no respect for our self we have no respect for the land of mother earth.
The light of love and peace is coming back and others will feel that love and peace that they have lost.
The awaking is coming are we all ready?
The awaking is the pure peace and the light of love; for this is are creator, which is the light of love.
Other are not awake to see what is happing to them self or mother earth.
Open are eyes and see that love that is within us all.
Open are heart and see that love that within.
Look within are minds and see how things are changing.
Open are minds and are hearts and let that light of love shine.
Never letting that light of love go out.
It will come in a blink of an eye, as there will be no choice.
And when this light of love become a oneness life will change, as we know it.
Put the light of love in your hearts not the darkness that dwells upon us.
So if we really want we change things and have respect for our selves.
Put the darkness in to light of love.
Give and share what we all have and that is respect for are selves and are fellow man.
Don't let the peace and the light of love disappear?

Written By,
                    Sharon Ann Cressy
                   Time: 2:04 A.M.
                     April 12, 2003


                     "A Great White Owl" 

There once was a great white owl that was flying in the forest.
He was very strong and wise.
The great white owl went to many places and many lands.
So beautiful when the great white owl flies in the air.
He could hear the flutes playing in the wind.
As he looked below he saw a great tribe that was playing the enchanting music.
The music was so beautiful it brought peace and love to the lands.
You could see the flower in bloom and the trees that grew so tall.
It was a magical forest that the great white owl flew to.
Where there was love of light and the owl could not wait too tell man.
He could see the waters that were so clear that you could see the fish swim by.
You could smell the flowers that were in bloom.
The light of love that was peace within one self's.
One day the great white owl meet a white wolf that was very wises.
They became very good friends and learn from each other.
You see the white wolf was in the same place as the great white owl was.
In that magical forest and knew what the light of love was and the peace that was  within them.
So they share that light of love and peace with the world.
As they knew that this must take place in the new beginning of time.
It was the circle of life that could not be broken.
As there is no beginning or ending as it was the circle of life it self.
It is very strong never ending and never beginning.
Then one day a white great rabbit meet the white wolf and the great white owl.
The great white rabbit was very wise as he came back to many life times.
As this rabbit was a magical rabbit as he knew all.
And they all became friends; they traveled through all the lands.
Sharing what they knew about that magical forest.
And many great animals showed man the true ways of life.
As they knew that this was there land and they live in peace.
It was the light of love and peace that brought that magical forest that was deep in  the woods.
I can hear the flutes playing in my mind as they play.
The sound brings peace and love to my heart.
And I can see be on as I fly throught the trees as I am flying.
And below I can see my friends as they travel to many lands.
As I guide them on their way as I see be on the mountains and trees.
I am the great white owl that follows the land.
The visions that I see be on time it self where there is no time and there is light of  love that bring peace.

Written By,
                        Sharon Ann Cressy
                        Time: 5:45 A. M. to 6:49 A. M.
                         April 13, 2003
This next page is dedicated to:
Travis  Willis  ( White Owl )
Picture by Skydancer
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