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                  "Where Angles Fly "

Where angles fly be on the clouds so high.
Just keeping us all safe from harm.
Where are lands is free from evil.
We try to keep peace within are hearts and souls.
And Peace though out the world.
We must stand tall, hold are heads up high.
And show that we are proud to be on Mother Earth.
As It is Mother Earth's Land and we are the care taker of her land.
We must show respect to her for she keeps us all alive.
Mother Earth is the essences of life as we are the essences of life it self.
The hate in the world will not help anyone.
There is sadness in are hearts and souls.
We all Brother's and Sisters of this land that we stand proud.
Some do not have that respect in there life. 
As they were never were taught to be on the right path in life.
We must be proud of who we are and what we are.
To face whatever that may come are way in life.
Others do not want to do this because they do not understand about life and the  truth.
They are told dishonesty of life and that's not what are Creator wants.
And the truth may never be told to the ones that want to know the truth.
Angles fly so very high watching every move of are life.
And the one's that leave this earth The Creator takes them home.
As that is are real home.
But there are things that have to be done on Mother Earth.
We May not like what is going on but we must face it.
It is time that we become one as a nation of the world.
To be one with the Creator of life and Mother Earth.
It is time to have the pure peace and pure Love that are Creator gave us all.
The understanding within our selves and the knowledge of understand of each  other.
It comes within us all and some have lost the truth of life.
Never run away from the problem of life, as it will face you in the end.
We must go on the right path in life no matter how bad it may hurt inside.
We must be strong for if we back down we never learn what is the truth.
And a angle is watching us to keep us safe.
Do what is right in life don't be afraid for angels are watching us from afar.
In the cloud's so high that we may not see them but angles are watching.
Others may not believe but they are there.
Angles in the sky and we all wonder why?
So stand up tall be strong and let the Creator guide your way.
And through the hardships that we must make we must go on in are life.
I see the sadness in are the faces and in are souls.
I feel the pain that other go through.
The hurt that other's go through.
Why are we hurting others wont they listen to the truth?
Can they see what they are doing to Mother Earth or do they really care?
As Mother Earth keep's everything alive.
If we destroy each other what would be left?
Would the Mother Earth survive?
And we wonder why angles are watching us.
Do we care about are Bother's and Sisters?
We are here too help each other as one.
Have we forgot what we are doing in life?
We must all think honestly in our hearts what we are doing too each other!
The truth must be known in are hearts and minds and souls.
Angles are keeping us safe from harm.
And what ever happens in life we must always go on as angles are watching us.

                 Written By,
                                       Sharon Ann Cressy

Time 6:15 A.M. to 8:04 A.M.

Monday   March 17, 2003


This page is dedicated to all the men and woman of the military U.S. forces.
And all military countrys  that are helping.

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"A Great White Owl"
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