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                          " I Think Within My Soul"

It's a new year and what can we all do within our sleeves to change.
Today I think within my soul.
And Mother Earth talks too me where its quite.
The river tells me.
Man has thrown things in my river.
No respect for me and I cry within my waters but no one sees me.
I had beautiful things that had grown there.
And now the things that were there are fading away.
My water is unclean to drink and I gave it to man.
How can my fish live that was from the Creators a gift and was given to me?
To share with man as food as a gift.
The trees say to me.
I keep the shade where man can go.
My trees are being cut down for new things to build.
And they don't care.
Not even to fix the things of old what they build on the land.
They don't even put my trees in another place too live.
I have many trees that are so very beautiful.
And they are being destroyed.
And I give the air as I take the bad air and give you good air to breath.
The plants talk to me.
We are dieing or moving to a new place to live.
But my other plant will not be able to live as they are fading away.
And man and his disrespect are distorting the land for me.
I grow many beautiful things that the Creator gave me as a gift.
But no one cares but only a very few do.
And the four winds tell me why man has to be the way they are.
And I listen with sadness in my heart.
So much sadness in the world today and so many mixed up.
So many talk and fight over things in there life.
But not thinking of the changes that are to coming.
To be ready for the new beginning of a new life that will come.
To be able to survive when the time is to come.
Others are just thinking about war and hate.
If we kill everyone who is left in life?
We must learn what is right and do it.
 To face are problems and not run away from them as some might think so.
Learn from them and go on to the future and help another.
Not all will face their problems they run from them as they think of them.
And in till we do face are problems they will never go away.
Must war solve things?
It destroys life's essence destroying everything in its path.
Breaking the chains of life.
The chain of essence is being destroyed.
 Destroying life of the whole world.
To take over life it self to be a master of the race!
We are not the masters of Mother Earth.
Nor master of anything as we do not own anything they are gift to use while we are here.
We are the care takes of Mother Earth and the Creator is the owner of everything that is living.
How can others make things right with Mother Earth?
Others have to change what they are doing that is wrong.
Learn within your sleeves and see what is right and what is wrong.
And work it out as it can be done if others will try.
It's up to all of us to work things out within our sleeves.
Anger and hate never solve anything to another or get even.
It only brings fear within you.
It should be Pure Peace with in one's self to understand what's in your heart that's within you.
The Pure Love that within you is the knowledge that is given to you.
Then you can understand others and what they are saying.
To have the respect for our selves and others.
And if you don't have respect then how can other respect anything on Mother Earth and everything that is alive?
It all comes within our sleeve that is where the true answers come from within us all as one!
We are all told within but we also must realize we must listen within as its the truth of the Creator.
Some say that there is not a creator if that is the case then who made this world and put every living thing that is alive today?
This is something to think about can we?
But then this world is so mixed up they do not know what to believe in.
And others know the truth and can face what is to be and go on.
So fine the truth within and you shall know the answers that you want to know.
It within your heart and soul if only others will listen what is said and know the truth.
How can we learn the truth unless we search within are souls and mind to understand what is said?

Written By,

                Sharon Ann Cressy

                  Time: 6:22 P.M.
                                              January 8, 2003


Picture By,
                  Jack York
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