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"What Is The True Meaning Of Christmas"

Today is a very special day with love and caring.
Are hearts are filled with joy and happiness.
There is Peace and Love within are selves.
And whether we are poor or rich we have to face what we do.
Some do not have things to give to another.
But not everyone in life is with joy and happiness.
And they will at sometime in there life realize what they are doing to them selves.
Because you have too face what is in life. 
And the roads that you may take in your life.
But the true thought of say Merry Christmas in a very good way It is better than nothing.
It is the Love and Peace that is given to another.
Having respect for your self and to be able to give it when other learn to have it.
To share what you have learn that is good.
To help another when in need.
Christmas it a beautiful time of the year.
But it is every day of the year.
Have we all forgot the very true mean of Christmas?
It is sharing the Peace within you and the Love that is within you to another.
To have the knowledge to understand another.
Caring within you to care for another.
Have kindness from your heart to share it.
To Love Your Bothers And Sisters every day of the years.
To be honest no matter what the problem may be.
And to take the hate from are hearts and soul, which should not be there.
To Love our selves and then you can love another. 
To honor others with respect.
Fine the truth before we judge another.
And make sure that the truth should be told.
Lying is not facing the truth no matter what has happened.
To honor are children and love them as we are there teacher of life.
They are very special gifts and we are here to teach them the true way of life and how it should really be.
If we can't be truthful to our selves then we cannot be truthful to another.
If we have no respect or honor our selves then we cannot honor another.
And if we do not love our selves or have that peace within us how can we give it to another.
This is what we have too learn in life and it may be very hard but it has to be done.
These are the true meaning of Christmas or is it?
We must choose the right roads in life.
Learn by are mistakes and not repeat them.
We all must think in are hearts what we are doing in our own life and work it out.
When we can understand our self then we will be able to understand another.

Written By,
                    Sharon Ann Cressy

Time: 11:00 P.M. to 3:30 A.M
Saturday December 14, 2002 to 
Sunday December 15, 2002


The Man eating bread with nothing else to eat.
But he is proud for what he has to eat.
Maybe some water or wine to drink.
Just being greatful for what he has in life!
Be greatful for what we have!
Because some will not have a Christmas!
They are too poor and will not have enough to  eat nor Christmas!
And Angel came to say :
Do not be afraid for there is a child that will be born on this night.
Fallow the bright star and you shall fine the child.

"Merry Christmas"
May we all have many Blessing.
May there be Peace and Love in are heart`s every day.
May we give kindness every day of the year.
And have the knowledge of understanding!
To Love one another as Brothers and Sisters!
And share what we have learned that is good with another!
May Peace And Light, Love Be Witth You And Yours Always!
The New Year
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