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Original Midi Compositions By,
Bruce De Doer
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This is decanted to:
 Jim Morris and  Jack Dracula

                             " A Wish That Came True In The Mind Of Dreams"

                                This is decanted to:

                                               Jim Morris
Many wishes come true its how one person that wanted something in life bad enough.
The dreams that a person may thinks about in their mind.
Wondering if that wish will come true just for you.
A wish that came true was a wish that I knew that would come true in time.
As I wished it to be as my thought went through time and space.
Knowing that sometime that wish would be true.
They say be careful what you wish for as it might come true.
How true those words came true as my thoughts wander.
A wish of thoughts through my mind that is true.
The wish was so powerful and was so great that the wish came true.
But it just took one person to make the wish.
To remember the old days that has passed away in time and space.
To think of are family and friends who have grown.
And we make wishes for them that are good.
We face are enemies and turn the cheek the other way.
And accepting the understanding of there ways.
Wishing that they would grow and learn in the good ways in life.
But just maybe they will learn if their eyes are open wide to see the light of the truth.
So if we make a wish in life it just might come true.
It is what we all think about whether its good or bad of what we might think.
And the thoughts come true if we think strong enough of what we want in life.
But I made a wish that came true.
And you made that wish that came true!
Thank you for your laughter.
And your kind words that you wanted to say.
To have a good heart that's within your very soul.
And thank you for being my friend.
To know that you made a wish that came true for others and me.
And thank you for the time you spend to help others and my self.
To have a friend like you is a great honor.
To know that there are many friends who care.
And too support you all the way.
So dream of your wishes and you know that some day they just might come true just for you.
And wishing for something that comes from your heart and mind of dreams.
May all the wishes that are good come true?
May you have the understand of the knowledge.
Fill your heart with that inters love within you as it was given.
To have that peace that was given to you by are Creator always.
May you have the knowledge of understanding of life?
For your heart and soul may you know the truth of life and grow.
And too dream of your wishes that do come true.
And the ones that do not well maybe that wish isn't ready too come true.
But who knows it maybe just around the corner from you.
And you may not even know it.

Written By,

Sharon Ann Cressy

                          Thursday    November 21, 2002
                                                                          Time: 11:00 P.M.

                          Friday     November 22, 2002
                                                                        End was 1:21 A.M.

                       "Reach Out To A Friend"

This is decanted to:

                           Jack Dracula

It only takes a moment to reach out to a friend.
And say I need your help.
With kind words that are said to other when you're helping them.
But a true friend will always be there when you need help.
And you have been there when others needed your help your there.
A friend that is true will always be your friend for life.
It only takes a moment to just be there for someone.
And I see that in you as your there.
When I first meet you I knew then that you would help when 
no others would be there.
You have heard the complaints of others as they come too you.
And they have too realize that you are only one person.
You have listen to everyone that you have helped in life.
And there is a understand within you.
And the knowledge to understand others that you have meant.
Some just do not understand you.
But I knew deep in your very soul you knew.
The beauty that shows upon your face with laughter is always there.
And the sadness that you went through in life is the experience to help another.
The hidden tears that are not shown or told to others.
You are a strong person in your life and you don't let it get you down.
You just go on with life and deal with it.
But you have true friends that do care and I'm just one that does.
May your life be blessed with many things in your life?
And always have those kind words that you say when you're helping a friend.
As it will come back too you in time as it was meant too be.
To have a heart of gold that you have give to others.
And know one really knows you, but I see it in your very soul.
So never change your laughter or just the funny side of you.
As you make others laugh and that is just a part of you.
Make the best of your days and be happy!
Take your time just to be there for others that need you.
And they will take time for you.
I know that some days are hard but that is a part of life, which I know that you can handle very well.
And I hope that you know that I'm your friend and that we just meet a few months ago.
Thank you for your help when I needed it as you were there.
No matter what ever happens I will be there knowing that you're helping someone.
May you have that peace and light, love that glows upon your face?
Let it shine always as you are very special person in life.
And you do count in life in many ways for just being there to help another.
May Peace And Light, Love Be With You Always!
Written By: 
Sharon Ann Cressy

                         Time:  8:28 P.M.

                         Time Ended: 9:28 P.M.
                  November 26, 2002

The Home Coming
                            "May We All"

May The Pure Peace And Light, Love Be With All Of Us Always !!
May We All Be Blessed Every Day Of Our lifes !!
May We All Enjoy Life As It Is So Short !!
To Have The  Knowledge  Of Understanding !!
And The Wisdom Of life To Share It Wisely.
May We All Respect Each Other As Brothers And Sisters.
Let There Be Peace In Are Hearts And Souls. 
And The Pure Love That Is Within Us All.

To Respect And Honor Both !!
Welcome To Whitefeather`s Crafts!!
These are the things that I do!
Thank You Both For Your Helping Me !
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