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                             "That Eagle That Fly's"

                                 This dedicated to:

Can you see that eagle that fly's in the sky so very high?
Over the mountains and the plains that travel so far and wide.
To look with honor when that Eagle fly's.
To see that awesome sight as the Eagles all fly.
So just look up in the sky and you might see that awesome sight.
When you see that eagle fly just see the beauty of the wings spread  out so wide.
You just see them flying over trees or even the fields. 
Or in meadows or lakes as they fly low and high in the sky.
Fly in the sky so very high and travel their flight.
And the Eagle traveled so very high in the sky.
Traveled so very far and wide just looking for that mate that's in the  sky.
Are you looking in that sky just too see the light hit the Eagle's wings  as they fly.
Seeing them just guild over the trees and mountainsides right in the  sky.
So proud as they fly as it is an honor to see their fight.
They fly with honor and pride as they guide though the air.
And the Eagles fly be on the mountains so very high.
Over the plains they fly in the sky.
And the beauty when they are too rest with there young by their side.
It is awesome flight just too see them fly.
And it is an honor just too see two Eagles that fly so high.

May Peace And Light, Love Be With You Always!

Written By,
                           Sharon Ann Cressy
Time: 2:54 A. M
                          Thursday, October 31, 2002


                                "Two Wolfs In A Far Land"

                                        This dedicated to:

There are two wolfs that are far away looking in time and space.
Running across the fields to a far land be on time.
Not knowing that they might see each other one day.
But they try too fine each other in a far land not knowing what they might meet.
Running to the fields of flowers and tree that are taller than they.
Through meadows and streams.
Not known what life has planed.
Searching for a new life that will began in time.
When they fined each other in a fielded to that far land.
Where there are flowers and trees that stand.
They are strong as they are one.
They are safe from harm as they are in a place unknown to man.
To be together as one in an unknown land.
There will be a new life that will began.
A joy that will never end.
The love that is shared between them as it was planed.
As the two wolfs had this planed and know in their heart that this was life's plan.
It was the Creators Plan in a far land.
Just sharing what they knew in there own world.
There was kindness within them as they were one.
And nothing could push them apart, as it was there land.
Not even man as it was a unknown land far away.
To be together they searched for each other for a very long time.
The hurt that was in the passed was gone.
And they could go on in life's plan.
There is a great joy when they found each other, as it was the Creators plan.
Each thing in life the Creator has it plan for each thing that was put here as all living things.
And you wonder if the wolfs found each other in that far away land.
They did in that land that was unknown to man.
As there was a bond between them that could not be broken.
Not even by man as it was a special land that was hidden from man.
And it was the Creators plan to have two wolfs as they were mates in a foreign land.

May Peace And Light, Love Be With You Always!

Written By,

Sharon Ann Cressy

                           Time: 12:12 A.M.

                          October 29, 2002

                            " Your Heart Is So Free"
                                  This dedicated to:

Do you know that your heart is so free just like the breez that is to be?
Its the wind blowing upon your face so freely.
Life is what you want it too be.
And tomorrow you may see the trees blowing in the wind. 
And the flowers that are growing that are so free.
So just wait and see the good things that will come to be and you will be so free.
All you have do is to wish it and it will be just a especially for you as it should be.
Never stop dreaming of that wish that you wanted it to be.
As its just a wish that will blow in the breeze.
It may be rain or snow but you know that the breezes of life will be with you for the rest of your life.
What ever you may wish for in time it will be.
So never let your dreams be lost forever as they just might come true you see.
And a new life will begin.
Always remember that what you may wish for just might come true.
As when you think of something it might be given to you as a gift.
So let the wishes and dreams be in your heart.
Let your soul be free and hear what your heart is telling you what things should be.
See your visions and know they are true as the Creator is with you.
Feel the very Pure Peace with in your very soul.
And the Pure Love that was given when you were born by the Creator.
You shall fine that peace within you.
So let the breeze flow wherever it may blow.
Follow your path of life as the Creator guides you on the right roads.
Know the understand of you as then you will have the understanding of others.
And to have the knowledge of understanding.
May your days be blessed always as the breeze blows upon your face?
And as the breeze blows you will be free.
As the wind blows everywhere as it goes.
Follow your path as the breeze blows wherever you may go?
May Peace And Light, Love Be With You Always!

Written By,
                  Sharon Ann Cressy
Time: 3:29 A.M.
                        Wednesday, November 13, 2002


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