"There Is A Garden"

I walk so slowly thought time and space to a garden.
As I walk there I go through a misty white light that has a very special golden twinkle as its so brightly but I can see.
I pass thought a golden light that is so purer bright.
And as I walk so slowly I see before my eyes the most turquoise blue.
As I am being heal from all the pain and hurt others do to me.
I can stay as long as I want to you see.
Just taking my time seeing everything that I can see around me.
As I walk I see this misty white light that has all the rainbows colors with in the misty light.
When I get through that misty light I see a garden when I can go.
There are so many flowers as the eyes can see.
I smell the flowers that grow there and the trees cove me.
The air is so flesh as the wind blows so softly.
I see a stream that is there as I can hear it running so softly as it runs over the rocks.
I can just sit on the ground there and rest.
As I'm crying and the hurt and pain that within side me.
My head is bowed and I'm hurting so badly and the pain just doesn't go from me.
I see this bright light that comes upon me slowly and I feel a peace that comes over me.
And I hear a voice that is talking too me.
I think I'm just in a dream but I am not you see.
As in my heart I know its the Creator just talking too me.
Telling me that thing will work out just give me time to work things out?
But you know that I put you thought these things to learn and teach you so that you can teach others.
You learn but I am there with you but you never know that I'm there with you all the way.
And If you by chance you fall I pick you up and carries you forward in your life.
I know its hard for you and others but you must learn what I'm teaching you as it the way things have to be for now.
I will heal your pain and the hurt that you're going through.
As I am your Creator and when you hurt and feel that pain I feel these things too.
The truth will be known so just let me take care of the things that are needed and I will guide your way.
And when others do wrong I will deal with them in time.
The truth will be known as the time goes by.
We have talked many times and you're welcome to come to my garden any time you wish too.
As many come to my garden to talk to me and are hurting inside.
It is time to leave my garden and go through that bright misty white lightn with the rainbows of all the colors so tiny to see.
But they are all around me as they follow me.
And as I walk through the turquoise blue I see the golden lights that sparkles upon me and it seem that turquoise blue follows me.
I'm still walking in to a golden light that is so beautiful.
As I walk through that misty white that is upon me now.
And thinking just where I have been and how beautifully it was.
The pain will be remember and the hurt that I feel 
But as time goes by I know that my Creator is right by my side.
Healing me from the hurt and pain that I feel.
Each step of the way that I go through in my life the Creator never leaves my side.
The healing begins but it feels like it will never end.
But as the time goes by the pain and hurt goes away.
But the memories still remain within me and never leavr in tell the day I die.
But the spirit stay within me that never forgets.
But the spirit is very understanding.
But the physical body never let things go and there no understanding of things that are done wrong.
We hold things inside and get even with another just because we can't have our way.
But we do not realize that it will come back in many ways as it was given.
Weather it was good or bad it always comes back.
It may not matter what it may be it will be there.
The memories will always be there and we may never forget what has happened.
But the question is will we do the same thing again or learn by the mistakes we have done.
That is the question that must be answered within all of us in life.
We all should know the right things and the wrong things by other that we learn from.
Weather they are wrong or right. 
And we are taught by anothers.
It is your choice in life to do what is right or wrong.
But we all know what we do wrong and right.
Some just do not care as they don't care about them selves.
They do not know the knowledge to understand them selves.
It seem that we do not think what we might do to another.
When we meet another's we learn from them and others learn from us.
We should have the knowledge to understand others feelings and what we do to them.
That is why there is a garden that I can go to and stay as long as I want too.
There is a special garden that I know where there is love and peace.
Where I know my Creator is there and cares, it doesn't matter if I'm old or young.
As it does not matter to my Creator as my Creator does care and love me for whom I am what I am.
And I know that My Creator cares for me and loves me.
I'm not old as others have said that too me but wiser than they will ever be.
As my creator knows that I am in the light of beauty. 
And in the Creators eyes, I'm in beauty as the creator made me.

Written By,
Sharon Ann Cressy

10:12 to 12:11 A.M.
 September 15, 2002


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