Native Prayer to the Four
Whitefeathers Writings
Have a vision not clouded by fear
"There Is A Garden"

A Broken Heart Alway`s Heal`s No Matter How It May Hurt`s Inside !
The wolf cries in the moonlight for his mate
The Sadness of pain
The Tears Of Pain
   "Hurting Words"

When you hurt someone in life can you forget?
It will be in there minds for the rest of their lives.
Choose the words very carefully of what a person may say.
It is better to think before a person may say something that may hurt.
Or is there no feeling in a person's heart?
And I wonder how can they say they care when they could care less.
Only wanting what they want in there life?
To really say what they want you to hear.
And not meaning what they say.
Angry word are said that hurt, but do they realize that the hurt is upon  them self's as well?
And not realizing that they are hurting another by words that are said.
Others might think its ok, but is it ok?
What you may do to another you will pay, as it will come back much  hard then when it was sent out to another.
There are many roads to travel and it is a choice that a person makes in  life.
Some roads are hard to travel and some are not but we make that  choice in life.
Think before a word is said, as it may be the wrong things to say.
Choose your words very carefully of what you say.
Hurting another you are hurt the spirit and soul.
And hurting the physical body with pain.
Bring the spirit down and taking away everything that a person feels  within there own being.
And they fall to the lowest of there life.
Just by one person who they might meet in life.
There self-steam is gone and feeling that nothing is left in there life.
Some may fall and pick them selves up and go on in their life.
But its the others that do not as they do not know how too.
We have to go on in life no matter what happens in life.
Even if we take the wrong roads in life we have to learn by our mistakes  in life.
So think before you speak a word, as you may not know that your word  may hurt another.
It may be just a little thing or it may be a big thing, but choose your  words carefully as you may never know that your saying hurting words.

Written By,
Sharon Ann Cressy
Time: 11:30P.M. To 12:26 A.M.
Friday: September 6, 2002
  "My Spirit Is Free"

Don't you see that pure love that's within me.
Oh can't you see the beauty in me.
That I share that is given within me.
My spirit is so free.
Oh why can't you see within me.
I'm not like others like they want me to be.
I am me and I know who I am and what I want to be.
With love in my heart for someone who, ever that might be.
To look for some one is not to be.
In my heart and soul I know that the Creator will fine what is best for me.
Too many things that happen in the past and I know that my Creator will
be there for me.
And when it is time the Creator shows me the right roads to go then it  will be.
My Creator will protect me from harm and will show me the right roads  for me.
Some day I know that I will leave this earth and I will be free.
But to help another make me feel so free. 
As I have been there and know the hurt and pain of another.
I can understand how a person feels within there very soul you see.
They may say that is not to be.
But you see I hear it within their voices as they speak to me.
I listen to what others may say and I may just not say a word you see.
But then you never know when I might speak to another.
And lift up there life and it's just being me.
The love that I have for another is my spiritual love that shares what the  Creator has given to me.
And others can't understand me you see.
And they wonder who I am but I'm here.
I'm just like a sister to you as you are a brother to me.
To honor and respect for another.
To share what has been given to me.
To have the knowledge and understand and that is part of me don't you  see.
I think of my friend that are true too me as they understand me as I do  them.
To use a friend you break their heart and then hurt them.
But if you're a true friend that is the best thing that ever happen to me.
I care for my brothers and my sister on this earth everyday you see.
And there very special too me.
And this is the way it must be you see.
My creator guide me through my life and it has its up and downs.
But I know that my Creator is within me.
Can you see the light that is upon me that glows so brightly that is  follows me in to the light of Peace?
It's like a flower that grows so beautifully.
My soul is the light and my heart is with pure love.
And you can't see the light that is upon me?
To the ones that know me will understand me.
As time passes you will get to know me.

Written By,
Sharon Ann Cressy
Time: 9:35 P.M.
Friday, September 6, 2002


Being Free
Standing Free 

    A Dream That Lasted All Night

Last night I had a dream that lasted all night.
It was a very beautiful dream of you.
You held me in your arms so close.
You spoke so softly to me of the words that you wanted to say.
I felt your warm lips kiss that you put upon my lips.
You touch my heart and soul that is within me.
There was love between us that was very special.
But you see it was a dream, but it felt so real.
How I want to touch your heart and soul.
To be able to touch your face with my hand.
To feel your love that is true.
And to hold you in my arms.
But you see you're so far away from me.
How can I feel your love that is so far away from me?
How can I reach out and touch you.
I hear your voice that speaks to me.
How can I feel your love that is so far away from me?
But I can't touch you nor can I feel you by my side you see.
That is the way it has too be.
The friendship grows so slowly just too know you.
To know me is to understand me and to know who you are.
How can I say how I feel with out you leaving?
The days have been so dark for me.
But I know how you feel in side about me and you can't hide it from me.
In side of your being you love me but I do not understand why?
But you have not said a word and I wonder in my very soul what you feel about me.
All I know is that there is a very special bond that draws me closer too you.
And I wonder in my very soul what you think of me.
But I feel what you feel in your very soul.
I wonder in my heart and soul what do you want from me.
I see your name everywhere I go and I wonder what do you really want from me.
Why do you care for me?
What have I said that has attracted you to me?
So many questions to ask why so many unanswered you see.
Is it that you truly love me?
Who are you and where did you come as you just came in to my life not knowing who I was.
Why have you come to me from your heart and soul.
Do you want too have me as your lady in life?
Will you be true too me?
Will you respect me for who I am and what I am?
Will you truly love me?
Or is it just one thing that you want of me.
Are they just game that you want to play within my mind?
So I wonder in my mind and in my heart and soul.
Can you care for me and love me or will you just leave me?
And just walk away in the misty darkness?
Can I trust you with my heart and soul?
Will you break those walls that are so thick that are upon me?
Can I trust you in what you say to me?
And I wonder in my heart if you will hurt me or tell me lies?
So many questions to ask and I wonder in my heart and soul.
So many questions unanswered that are not said.
And I wonder in my heart and soul if I just had a dream last night?
But when I woke up you were not there.

Written By,
Sharon Ann Cressy
Time: 7:13P.M.
Saturday, August 24, 2002

No one has the right to hurt another or say unkind words !
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