Original Midi Compositions By,
Bruce De Doer
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Things that grow in the water
As the water falls down as it is nature  planed
        "When Did You Think"

When did you think of my heart before you left me alone?
Was a lie that you told me for so long?
The truth was told to me so long ago.
I looked in to my heart and saw you there.
But you just used me and now I am along.
What did you do to my heart that hurt me so?
Or did I let you walk all over me being blind.
There wasn't love that you felt for me.
A ring that was never spoken in the words of love.
But the words that you told me were never true.
But you don't see that you have hurt my very soul.
I let you take my heart and soul.
Your love that you told was a lie.
My heart was hurting a long time ago.
You took my heart and let it go.
I have too gain my trust back as you stole that a long time ago.
The lie that you told that you would never let me know.
So I though back when we first meet and I knew what you were  doing to me.
And now I can live just like I wanted to do so.
I am free oh don't you see what you have done to me.
What did you do to my heart and soul?
As it has grown so cold that I will not fine what I'm looking for?
I went far away to see what I should do as I ask my very soul.
Thinking what should I do?
For I knew I couldn't run away from life.
As it would follow me everywhere I go.
So Just stayed and face what I knew that was true.
I knew that If I would run it would follow me as it would be on my  mind.
Never to let me be free once again always on my mind.
Then I wonder in my mind whether things would be better for me.
So what ever you had said I will remember what you did to me.
And I have gotten over this pain that hurt me so bad
Can you see that I'm on my way for a better life that is be on?
I'm free from that hurt and I must go on.
But I will forgive and go on in my life.
As I'm not standing still as I will be going on.
I will live through my life just learning what is right.

Written By,
Sharon Ann Cressy

Time: 8:35 P. M.
January 31, 2001


                         "My Pride Has Been Broken" 

My pride has been broken my head hangs low.
So far that no one could know.
If I died would any one care?
My heart has been hurt so many time that I cannot count.
The tears fall up on my face.
You put trust in someone that let you down.
And this time not knowing what to say.
Does any one understand me at all?
I wonder in my heart and soul.
Who will love me for who I am and what I am.
A woman that is with honor and respected.
To understand and have the knowledge of understanding.
I am a medicine woman of the spirit and heart.
It comes from my very soul to the physical.
I help other and do not hurt anyone.
How can I when I know the pain that I have been through.
I come in your dreams but you may not know it 
It is my spirit that comes and goes.
In Pure Peace and Pure Love.
And you ask what is that?
It is the Pure Peace that within me that was given to me by my  Creator.
The Pure Love that was given to love me and give that Pure Love  to my fellow man.
I'm aware of things that are written and that which is spoken.
I am the truth, as I don't lie to anyone.
I'm the incense of life as life was held back from me.
I'm a child of love that with in me.
The Creator gave me a gift.
The tears are still falling down my face.
As my heart and my very soul are hurting.
I can't even see the pages of what I wrote.
As the tears have blur my vision from seeing.
I hear nothing and I see nothing I only feel the pain.
That makes me feel so bad and as the tears fall on my face.
I wonder why people have too hurt others or be so pushy.
It the way they were tough growing up.
Oh my dear Creator please helps others, as they need your help.
Please forgive me for my sins.
Help me too be strong to hold my heard up high.
Please help me to grow more knowledge and understanding.
To Love my self within my very soul.
As you my Creator understand everything I do or say.
I have learned something tonight that was very hard.
I love my Creator and my fellow man.
But this Pure Love and Pure Peace that you have will you  understand?
Or is it the flesh that is wanted, or is it the Pure Peace and Pure  Love that is wanted?
Or is it the true love for a man or a woman to share their true love  for each other?
What should it be, what choice will it be taken?
Only my Creator knows me and guides me on the right road.
It is the Red Path that I must go on!

Written By,
Sharon Ann Cressy
Time: 2:59 A.M.
Thursday, August 8, 2002


A Dream That Lasted          All Night
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