Original Midi Compositions By,
Bruce De Doer
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     "Something Happen Tonight"

Something has happen tonight.
The moon has changed to a smoky red.
As there is fires in beautiful places on MotherEarth.
Man with no respect within him self or MotherEarth.
No understanding within him self or the Knowledge of understanding.
But MotherEarth is anger with Man and what he been doing to her.
MotherEarth is very up set for a very long time.
There is fires in her heart and you must know that.
Sometimes MotherEarth is telling nature to strike places we wish that fires it would not be.
But MotherEarth starts the fires because she is angry.
But also she cleans what she think is best.
The Creator has told many that things would changimg but no one will listen.
It seem that Man just doesn't care but others do care.
It is the one that do not have respect for the Earth and what happens.
If they would care at all they wouldn't do the things they do.
My heart is saddening with tears as I see the land that has been distorted by uncaring people.
People with careless do not care what they do.
But a lot of uses do care.
I see papers in the rivers and lakes and waste in the oceans.
I see cans and bottles everywhere.
No one seems to care only some do.
Cutting most of the rain forest where all the animals live.
Soon if it is not stopped are wildlife will be gone.
The plaints will die with all the cutting down of the woods.
Where there were rivers they are gone.
But some are still running with water.
The fish are die very slowly because of the water being filled with waste that does not belong here.
Then others things will die.
Because no caring for MotherEarth and no respect for them selves.
Then others may ask why MotherEartth  is so mad.
If you were MotherEarth would you be angry?
Would your heart cry in pain as MotherEarth is doing right now?
Does this have too happen?
If all of use care as one it wouldn't be as it is now.
Open your souls and hearts and think what you are doing!
Soon there wont be anything left to see the beauty of MotherEarth.
As MotherEarth is changing but do we see this?
As it will be gone as there is no caring.
What will wake up others up to see what they are doing?
How many in the world care?
There are many that don't even think when they drop papers or there trash on the ground.
Also in the Rivers Lakes and the Oceans.
What are we doing to  MotherEarth?
Where there was beauty it will be gone.
By man and his greed of more space to land.
Buildings that can be saved are tore down they can be fixed if we try.
If more buildings are built there will no trees or wildlife as we are taking the land where wildlife live.
Soon there will be no place for them to live and they will die off.
So ask your self if you want this to happen.
As it will, if man does not see the way of life and the truth.
The knowledge of understanding of life. 
To have the Pure Peace and Pure Love within them selves.
Then just maybe others will listen before it's too late!!!!

Written By,
                      Sharon Ann Cressy

Time:  2:29 A.M.
Friday, June 28, 2002


All Globes  Are Done By:
"When Did You Think"  
"My Pride Has Been Broken"

The above picture is what happens.
The fire is so tall that it is over a persons head and can go to the top of trees.

This is what happens when people are so careless as this fire was caused by people that do not care what they do.
They do not look for firer bands and start camp fires and the fire gets out of control.
Or throwing there cigarettes butts out there car windows.
The trees die animals die and small plants, and peoples homes.
Also people die as well, and the ones that try too put out the fires.
Also nature causes the fires but not as much as people them selves!!
So the next time people go to the woods or mountains Please look for the fire band sigins.
The fire bands mean NO FIRES of any kind.
There was a fire in Estes Park, Colorado it was 4 miles away from the town where I live.
Some people died here and homes were burn and lost everything that they owned maybe animals died too.
More than 4000,000 or more of land was burned.
This goes for other states as well, homes were lost and others died because of there carelessness and not thinking or caring.
And land was burned, it will take years for the new growth to come back.
Soon if man keeps going the way he is been with no caring of the land their wont be anything left of beauty.
Please think before you do something that is wrong!!!
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