In tribute to Margaret Jean Daye
This dedicated to Margaret & WalkingEagle
Another Angel Joins...        

      Another gentle soul has flown 
      Into the arms of God.
      I've already done my grieving
      It seems so very odd.

      To see me going through her things
      And know she won't be back
      Makes it very difficult
      To keep my mind on track.

      They never gave instructions out
      On just what we should do
      When a loved one passes on
      Into a life anew.

      So fly O gentle spirit 
      Up to the sky above
      And fly there with a blessing
      That's sealed with all my love.

      The bad times and the good times
      And other times we shared
      Will be a silent testament
      To one who truly cared.
      (In tribute to Margaret Jean Daye
      March 12, 1930 - May 30, 2002.)

Written By, Jaxter Daye
           "Whisper So Softly"
           Dedicated to Margaret and WalkingEagle

I whisper in your ear so softly.
Telling you that I love you so.
You heard me talking to you in my voice that was so  softly spoken.
You felt the kiss that I gave you upon the forehead.
Even when you were sleeping so at peace.
You could hear every word that I said.
Telling you it's ok to go on in the light.
Even knowing that you were going in to the light.
The tears fell upon my face even knowing that I knew  you would be gone in the morning's light.
I see your beautiful face even now as the time has  past.
You will always be in my heart knowing how I felt.
But I know I must go on in my life as I know that's what  you would want me too do.
So that's what I must do.
And I will always remember what we had in life.
It is hard for me but I know that you're with the Creator  as it was planed to be.
I see the joy in your heart and the smile that is on your  face.
And the love that shine so bright in your eyes as your  part of the essences of life.
To see the peace that's in your heart and soul.
No worries now no pain that was there to grow.
It's been taken away when you passed in to the light.
I hear you telling me in my mined that everything is  going to be all right.
And now I see the beauty in you, as it was meet to be.
I will miss you but I know that your safe now and I can  go on in my life.
So my dear one now I must go on in my life.
As my time is not near and I must make the best of my  life.
And now I understand why things went the way they  did at the last.
But just remember I will always know there is a very  special place in my heart.
And I know you will be in spirit watching me.
I will miss you my love, but know that you will always  be here in spirit.
I know that you miss me but you must go on.
I'm at peace and the light shine upon me.
I feel this very special peace and love that is here.
All my loved one are here that love me.
And some day you will be here when the creator is  calling you home.
And you will be home once again with all the  understanding and all the knowledge.
And you will know all, as it is to be.
There is no pain that I feel just the joy of love and  peace that is given to me.
So don't cry my love, as I am safe from harm.
The things that I see are so beautiful as my eyes can  see.
So go on your way in life and do what's right.
And keep that light that is so beautiful that surrounds  you.
Helping in your own way that has been given to you.
To help others as the creator wants you to do.
I know it's heard for you but you must go on.
I` m well in spirit now just being at peace and know  that there is that love that's in my heart and soul.
When you need me I will be by your side in spirit.
Just singing a song like we use too do.
But knowing that I'm in spirit and my spirit never dies.
I heard your words that you spoken so softly. 
I felt the kiss upon my forehead.
It was your way of saying good-bye.
But you see I didn't want you too see me die.
And it is my way that I wanted to die.
So go on my love and live your life.
Teach and learn is what you must do is right.
And be happy with your life and go on.
I know that you loved me and I loved you and still do.

Written By,
                 Sharon Ann Cressy

Time is: 12:53 A.M.
Sunday: June 2, 2002

Original Midi Compositions By,
Bruce De Doer
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Music By,
Whitefeather`s  Poem`s
 By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"Something Happen Tonight" 

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