The beauty of life
   "The Beauty Of Life"

The beauty of life is so beautiful, but can you see it?
Or do the tears began to fall on the faces that really see life and how it is?
See the beauty that's there and be very much aware of things that are in life.
Because only you many see it but others might not see it.
To see the beauty of life is the most beautiful thing in life.
To see this beauty in a picture that you might wonder in your heart if it's really true or not.
Even if it the smallest thing that you see is beauty.
If we want a beautiful life we must fight in are hearts too fine the truth and understanding.
As are very soul knows what we feel in are hearts.
To see the beauty in the wildlife that comes and goes as it is free.
Can you see the trees that grow in beauty and the flowers that are beneath the trees that grow?
Can we see a baby come in the world and what beauty that child shows?
There something that is so special in that life that wants to grow?
So precise in life and wanting too know everything that life has to offer.
Can you see the tears that fall upon their faces that hurt so bad?
Not knowing what to say as they are too young to understand?
Can you see the child that is so mixed up that they are not sure what way to go?
Do you know that they are a gift of life?
So how can people do and say so many hurtful things?
They made not know that they have been hurt it life and not realizing what they do or say.
To hurt a child it will hurt them in so many ways.
People that have grown up and many of them are not grown up.
Why because they were never taught the right things in life.
What do we want in life?
Is this the way life is?
It's choice what is right!
Which am I?
Living Dead?

 Inferiority, Pride, Inadequacy, Tension,
Selfish Ego
 Poverty, Prejudice, Error, Illness, Judgments.
 Failure, weakness, Criticism, Imprisonment, Envey
 Jealousy, Temper, Greed, Resentment, Evil Gossip.

Or am I the living?
It is are choice and no one can change that unless they want too.
We all can have a beautiful life if we really want too try.
Each one of us has to think what is right or wrong.
If we were taught the right things in life then things would not be so mix up.

 Ability, Humility, Power, Peace, Selflessness.
 Abundance, Brotherhood,
Truth, Health, Good Will.
Success, Strength, Praise, Freedom, Joy.
Gratitude, Patience, Generosity, Forgiveness, Helpfulness!
A child only learns from other that teaches them the wrong way or right way.
To see beauty that you may just be there one day.
A forest is a very special place to go as you will learn about life.
But it is up too all to change in life.
To go with the down falls of life, but they are the experience of life.
And we help by the experience that we go through, and then we can help others.
To help another in need.
Just too help them through life with understanding knowledge.
And giving love and respect to another.
And be there when your friends help you all they way.
But you know when we help someone you can see the joy in there faces and the smiles upon there faces.
To bring them joy and guided them all they way.
You know that they have been in that place where you might have been.
And we all help are bothers and sisters.
 That's what we are here for, but we are here to teach and be understanding.
Can we understand life and the beauty we see?
It's choice in life and what we may see in life and open are minds and see the truth.
So what choices will you chose in life?
Written By,
Sharon Ann Cressy
Time:  2:09 A.M.
Friday, May 24,2002

 Dedicated to Margaret and WalkingEagle
Original Midi Compositions By,
Bruce De Doer
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