Whitefeathers Poems
This Dedicated to!
      The Nature Of Beauty!!!
What The Creator Gave To All
                   " The Wild White Candle"

The Wildcandle that was so bright as it glowed!
I saw a beautiful White Candle that was so beautiful.
It had all the rainbows, that if everyone saw it they could see that beauty in you.
To show its beauty as it glows.
It is the light that become only you.
And it only  has too be you as your just one light that's just being you.
You light up the darkness in a room and make it glow so bright.
The light is so bright as it brighten up your life.
You shine every day even when your down just remember you have a very
special friend that always around
Just look around and I will listen.
As this wild candle will just talk to me  more and all will listen..
I like too just set and watch you shine and keep the room so bright.
To laugh and have lots of fun.
Oh I didn`t say that this wild candle doesn`t laugh Oh but your wrong because she does.
What beauty I see in you as your so quite in the room.
You just listen just like someone I know that is very close to you.
But it time you say something as you will learn as you listen.
But what if this wild white candle will not talk back to me?
Oh it has to be a wild white candle that has talked too me.
You know it was so nice when I hear that voice that spoke to me as it was true.
But I didn`t know that wild white candles talked, well this one does.
You just did know that I knew that you were my friend but I knew you were.
And I must say it very good to have a wild candle as my friend.
Sometime wild white candle is very still and lets that room glow so bight.
I saw your face for the very first time and saw the pure love that's within you.
It the pure love that was given to you.when you were born.
And the pure love that was given too you.
And the name was wild white candle.
But just remember that wildcandle is my very good friend.
 As you see that's her name!
You ask why I say Wild White candle?
If you saw the beauty within you and see the pure light that is so bright that's within you.
The smile upon your face that is so bright.
As it like that wildcandle that's in that white light just glowing so bright.
It is a very beautiful site to see in the light that shines so bright.
If you ever saw that light that shine like a candle its a beautiful sit.
So shine so bright like a wildcandle that flickers in the light.
To make the room so bright as it with wildcandle that show her light.

                  Written By,
     Sharon Ann Cressy
                                    September 21, 2001



The Elk in my Back yard
On Deer Mountain
Where you can fine peace !
A Male Elk in my back yard
Sun Set in Estes Park, Colorado
This picture was taken in South Africa
By Wildcandle
The Beauty Of Life 
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