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The Pure Peace And Pure Love Is Always Within Us All
As The Evening Falls
On top of Deer
In Estes Park
The Rocky
National Park

                    What I See In Beauty

I See your face with the light that comes upon you.
To see that glow that shine on your face.
That become the love from your heart.
Your soul is the pure love that shows.
The goodness that you want to share.
Oh what a pure love you have that come from the understand of life.
Your whole being glows with the love that was given from the heart,
You give from your heart which is love that was given by the essence of
Your there to help others as it was meet to be.
Did you know that your whole being glows?
Because it from the heart and the love that was given.
You have come through life`s tolls of life.
What beauty that your very soul glows.
Some time in our life we learn what life holds we all take the good and bad.
But that all about learning all the knowledge and helping when in need,
But we learn by others and others learn by us.
But I see you and know you that you are a good person in life.
You share what is given and give it when its in need.
The time was given to you to have the caring of life and others that suffer
in life.
It is a great honor to be able to just be there when someone is in need.
You know of the essence of life as it was given with love.
It is life it self And we all learn in so many ways.
Some time its hard but there is light at the other end that has rainbows
just to carries us on.
To show that beauty that's with in us all that come with are very souls.
And we all grow in life to do what is right.
But It is hard for other and that's why you and I do are doing very best to
what is need in life.
I see the sadness that has become what it is today.
And when we all come together as one we will be whole once again.
So much to learn and so little time.
We all must go on no matter what life brings just learning the experience of
And that's what make you go on just being there for others.
May The Great White Spirit Watch Over Us Always.
So Be at peace with the light that suround you.
It is given  with the pure love of peace.

Written By,
                Sharon Ann Cressy
November 24, 2000
9:58 P.M.

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May all your dreams and wishes come true in your life!
May you always have the Pure Peace and Pure Love that comes with in your very soul.
May the light smile upon your face always!
May Peace And Light,Love Be With You Always!
As you are a very true Friend Always!
I honor you and respect you as my Friend always.

Many Blessing Alway to you!
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